8 Best Street Style Looks Featuring a Midi Skirt

Fashion loves to change its look and this season, we have the skirts getting longer, way past the knees and down to the ankles. We have them flared and we have them lace, we have them ruffled and we most definitely have them chic and professional. Between fun and flirty or chic and professional, there isn’t much space when we consider how we wear our skirts. Either with crop tops or fitted body hugging sweaters, we are loving the fall/winter fashions and they are loving us.

Midi skirts are interesting. We’ve already talked about the maxi skirts this season and we know that the minis will always be a highlight, but what we did not expect is the midis making a comeback. Not only are the midis back, they seem to be here to stay for quite a while. It’s safe to say you can bring out those old retro fashions and dress them up to match the new age. For what we are seeing worn by the fashion-savvy is anything from fitted pencil skirts to florals to full-circle billowy pieces. The midi skirt is a favorite, and, best of all, it makes the short girls among us look a whole lot taller.

8 Best Street Style Looks Featuring a Midi Skirt

We have looked through some of the best midi skirts in the streets and here’s what we’ve come up with:

1. We are Head-over-Heels for the Below-the-Knee, Longer-in-the-Back Styles

The royal blue with while ribbons flowing around, matched with white sandals a white crop top and white purse is simple perfect, particularly when you add a crop jean jacket to the mix. Sleek, sassy and absolutely gorgeous, this look is to die for. I don’t know about you, but I hear my closet crying for it a mile away!

Ideas for Wearing Midi Skirts

2. Midi Skirt?

Indulging in a colourful blue/green/yellow print mini to midi skirt is one hell of an indulgence that you should not go without. We most definitely advise you against depriving your closet of this intriguing piece. It’s flirty and sweet all at the same time, and we love the loose button-down shirt showing off a little skin at the top while the skin at the bottom plays peek-a-boo. Electric blue heels and large gold bracelets finish up the look that’s part gypsy, part fashionista. It’s definitely one to grab attention as you walk down the street.

Ideas for Wearing Midi Skirts

3. Never Can Go Wrong with Print and Black

Black sleeveless crop top showing off the midriff doesn’t actually seem to be taking away from the more professional look of this outfit. The long printed midi skirt takes the focus off the exposed skin, instead focusing on the length of those legs, complimented with silver pumps. The contrasting colors create a lovely illusion and remind us that we truly do look pretty in pink. At least, we do when it’s accented with black and the print is a midi skirt.

Ideas for Wearing Midi Skirts

4. Marilyn Monroe Most Definitely Inspired the Generations to Come

She may not be here now but the flowing full-skirts billowing in the wind most definitely are. The A-line design of this particular midi is not only interesting, it’s perfectly spectacular! The material, the color, the whole of the outfit has us waiting impatiently for spring now as that halter won’t keep us warm in the winter months. You can bet that a day on the town will definitely be spent in a similar outfit though. We are in love and we won’t be falling out any time soon!

Ideas for Wearing Midi Skirts

5. Black and White is Even More Right

Let’s ignore the huge belt buckle at the moment. Let’s focus on the colors. Those are safe. I mean, when have black and white not been a safe combination, particularly in the business world? And then you make it all savvy with the skirt wrapping around so that it’s longer to the side. It’s a midi, surely, but the fact that it ends just below the knee at its shortest makes it perfect professional attire. Combined with the sleeveless button-down shirt done right up to the top, the only thing not so safe is that buckle. Gives character, without a doubt, but we wonder how a law firm or business consulting company would respond. And then we think that if they have a problem, they sorely need a fashion guru to have the see straight. Those shoes with that skirt, with that shirt and most certain with that belt, they create a masterpiece!

Ideas for Wearing Midi Skirts

6. Pencil Midi Skirts are Way Too Attractive

We already know how attractive a pencil skirt can be, particularly when coupled with the right top. What we hadn’t considered is exactly how amazing it would look when the hem is a full two inches below the knee and it’s paired with a billowy sleeved crop top sweater. The look is only accentuated with those light brown ankle strap sandals that remind us of the earth. Really, this whole outfit is so perfect, there are no words, adjectives, adverbs or anything really that can describe it. Simply put, we cannot wait to add this to our fall/winter wardrobes.

Ideas for Wearing Midi Skirts

7. Bringing Back the Schoolgirl Look

Once again we don’t know about those shoes, but we definitely know that we like the old-school good-two-shoes schoolgirl look. The pleated tartan is interesting to say the least and paired with a simple single-tone sweater, we don’t know what can go wrong. Except those shoes; ankle boots would have suited the look better.

Ideas for Wearing Midi Skirts

8. Midi Lace Skirts are Perfectly Charming

We don’t know about those chunky shoes but we definitely know we love the lace midi. That skirt’s got character, the color’s simply divine and it hugs the curves without a single flaw. As it’s double layered, the top lace reaching past the knees while the satin underskirt sitting just over them adds to the alluring feel of the design. The shirt is an interesting mix, but we definitely feel and looser button-down shirt does the lovely lace quite a bit of justice.

Ideas for Wearing Midi Skirts

Photos courtesy of W Magazine, ImaxTree

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