9 Ways to Wear Colorful Fur In Winter

Real or fake, fur is the best thing you can wear in winter to add drama to your looks, while also looking and feeling cozy. Although there exist certain fur pieces for warmer months too, the official fur season is winter, when you can pull of any type of fur piece with confidence adding a high dose of luxury to your appearance. Besides the traditional fur designs, the latest fashion trends bring forth a variety of colorful psychedelic fur items from coats and vests to accessories. Colorful fur is a grand statement. It instantly adds life to neutral clothing pieces and boosts a daring attitude in bright looks. Unlike in case of all the other fur pieces, you may need some tips and ideas on wearing colorful fur in winter and here we present our favorite 9 looks spotted in the streets that you can copy easily.

1. Fluffy Colorful Fur With Leather: One of the easiest ways of nailing down the trend of colorful fur is picking a powerful piece in bright shades and layering it over your favorite outerwear. In this look, a rainbow colored fluffy fur piece adds so much life and energy to that black leather jacket matched with a simple gray sweater and a pair of skinnies. Statement-making jewelry deigns and a perfectly polished manicure can complete your look with lots of attitude.

9 Ways to Wear Colorful Fur In Winter

2. The Belted Gray Fur Vest: If you don’t feel courageous enough to go for eye-popping psychedelic fur, think gray, which is just another alternative to traditional brown fur. A fur vest is one of the coolest pieces you need to invest in if you want to look casual chic and stay away from any style blunders when wearing fur. Top a simple white shirt with it, add a belt to break the overall elegance and to create a laidback allure and match it all with a pair of darkly colored skinnies to be ready to go out chic and stylish. Bright accessories are a must in this case, since they can instantly break the monotony in your appearance and create so much interest. A tiny raspberry bag, mint manicure and a few attention-grabbing jewelry designs and voila, your effortless chic look is ready to make heads turn!

9 Ways to Wear Colorful Fur In Winter

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3. The Shaggy Colorful Fur Scarf: Some people find it too risqué to wear an entire fur outerwear, preferring to add small proportions of fur to their looks for the purpose of styling. A fur scarf is a brilliant accessory to this end, capable of adding warmth and luxury to your looks especially when coming in a bright color. This shaggy blue scarf looks impeccable in combination with the mustard coat topping a chambray shirt teamed with vintage jeans. Keep your makeup and hair natural and add an oversized bag to create the most sizzling laid-back look.

9 Ways to Wear Colorful Fur In Winter

4. Colorful Fur With Fur: Double the fur in your look and enjoy a double dose of luxury and chic. A fur handbag looks really cozy in winter and when it’s colored in bright shades making a sartorial statement becomes so easy, even when you style the most monotonous looks with it. It definitely looks dangerously hot on the backdrop of a colorful fur coat, in case of which keeping the rest of the accessories simple is highly recommended.

How to Wear Colorful Fur In Winter

5. Fuzzy Fur Bag With a Shearling Coat: This little fuzzy Fendi bag accessorized with the famous Fendi fur monster charm needs too little to make you stand out in the crowd. Wear it with simple coats and jackets and get ready to enjoy everyone’s compliments. And when you accessorize a colorfully striped shearling coat with it, finishing the look off with a pair of tartan slip-ons and oversized checkered pants, the outcome is going to be twice as unique and cool.

How to Wear Colorful Fur In Winter

6. The Coat With Colorful Fur Trimmings: Just in case you have no idea on how to style your look with fur pieces, pick a ready-made design with fur accents. This darkly colored leather coat with blue fur trimmings looks so elegant especially when draped over your shoulders. Wear a little black leather dress underneath it and style your dark look with a bright orange bag and chic jewelry designs and you are ready to conquer the streets with your amazing style.

How to Wear Colorful Fur In Winter

7. The Little Fluffy Gray Fur Coat: Honestly we love gray fur, since it’s so different and at the same time easy to pull off. This fluffy gray fur coat adds so much elegance to that simple blue sweater and the pair of tailored pants that you need nothing else to make your outfit complete. A simple black leather envelope bag and a pair of black leather gloves will be the right proportions of contrasting texture injected to your look.

Ways of Wearing Colorful Winter Fur

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8. Pastel Sheepskin Fur Coat: Colorful fur doesn’t only mean too vibrant shades as you can pick something in a pastel hue if you aren’t into much into risqué looks. The sheepskin texture of this little fur coat is the next detail that makes it so perfect, while the color lets it go so harmoniously with romantic floral printed pants. Black accessories, such a bag and a scarf, will be the best complementing details in order to break the overall sweetness of this pastel look and get it winter ready.

Ways of Wearing Colorful Winter Fur

9. The Rainbow Fur Coat: When we say rainbow fur we mean it literally. This Prada rainbow fur coat reaching below the knees needs the simplest clothing pieces to be worn underneath, since it’s powerful enough to make a grand statement alone. A pair of dark-wash jeans, a simple white top, a tiny bag, cool oversized sunglasses and a pair of chic city shoes will take your winter styling to a whole new level!

Ways of Wearing Colorful Winter Fur

Fur isn’t only for special occasions and it definitely looks cool in the streets too. So be brave to pick colorful fur, layer, style and mix it with the most matching clothing pieces and you’ll see the cold months in warmth and luxury!

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