Alice + Olivia Resort 2019 Collection

The party is always at Alice + Olivia‘s! Stacey Bendet, the mastermind behind this fan brand unveiled yet another fabulous collection. The Resort 2019 lineup is here to secure a fashionable transition from one season to another.

Alice and Olivia Resort 2019 Collection

Alice and Olivia Resort 2019 Collection sheer lace jumpsuit

If you are in need of a show-stopping party look you’ll always find it at Alice + Olivia. But the great thing about Stacey Bendet’s design aesthetic is that her pieces can really take you from day to night. Take the vibrant dresses for example. The explosive prints and patchwork make this pieces stand out but thanks to the flowy silhouettes you can get away with rocking one of those maxi dresses during the day. As a designer, Stacey Bendet favors the ’70s, so this collection like all the previous ones is filled with bohemian and disco vibe. However, for the Alice + Olivia Resort 2019 Collection Stacey Bendet had a more subdued muse in mind. Actress Ali MacGraw and her chic style were the inspiration behind this lineup.

Alice and Olivia Resort 2019 Collection print dress

Alice and Olivia Resort 2019 Collection print dress

The mixed-print pieces in this collection are a feast for the eyes. The designer managed to put together floral and animal prints that resulted in explosive designs. The leopard print which is very on trend at the moment is all over the Alice + Olivia Resort 2019 collection. There is a maxi leopard print dress paired with matching boots if you are ready to rock this trend like the A-listers. There is also a midi bodycon number in black & white leopard print covered in sequins for those who really don’t mind getting all the attention. This look is topped with a matching turban which adds a cool vibe to the entire look.

Alice and Olivia Resort 2019 Collection print dress

Alice and Olivia Resort 2019 Collection print dress

One of the standout pieces is the fully sequined multicolored dress with electric print. The brand is well-known for its shiny looks and this collection isn’t an exception. The dazzling silver top paired with white pantsuit will give you that Paris Hilton’s 21st birthday vibes.

Alice and Olivia Resort 2019 Collection sequined dress

Alice and Olivia Resort 2019 Collection white pantsuit and dazzling blouse

Since the Alice + Olivia girl is a party animal, her style during the day isn’t missing that WOW factor. Among the daywear offerings in the Resort 2019 collection, you can find chic flared jeans, flowy dresses, trending cardigans and more. However, you can wear most of these pieces when and as you please. As the designer likes to say, you can wear her designs “to work and out.” One thing is for sure: you’ll instantly get into party mood the moment you put on a look from the Alice + Olivia Resort 2019 collection.

Alice and Olivia Resort 2019 Collection wide leg trousers and floral shirt

Alice and Olivia Resort 2019 Collection floral cardigan and flare pants

Photo Credit: Alice + Olivia

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