Alice + Olivia Unveils New Denim Brand AO.LA

Stacey Bendet, the founder of famous fashion house Alice + Olivia is launching a denim brand. AO.LA is the sister company, that will deliver trendy pieces that will make any lady feel and look good. Stacey celebrates her new achievement with AO.LA’s first collection, inspired by the 70s. The debut line will feature chic denim styles, tees, edgy jackets and more. They all remind very much of the trends from that decade but are re-done in a modern way.

Alice & Olivia Launches Denim Brand Called AO.LA red kimono jeans

“I’ve always designed with the goal of dressing a woman for all aspects of her life. AO.LA began as a concept, my sort of West Coast alter ego, the casual weekend cool, the dressed up jean. The inspiration image for the collection was a picture of my mom in her wedding gown with a pair of big bell bottom jeans underneath. Jeans are so much a part of a woman’s life, her memories, her life stories… and that’s what I set out to do with AO.LA., create jeans that make a woman feel empowered and good, jeans that tell a story.”- Stacey explained her inspiration behind the new brand.

Alice & Olivia Launches Denim Brand Called AO.LA embroidered jeans

Denim takes a central place in the line. The new denim drop shares a positive message starting from the name of the jeans styles. They are dubbed as Beautiful, Good, Great, Amazing, Fabulous, and Perfect. All of their linings are decorated with empowering messages such as “You look gorgeous today”. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of skinny jeans, chic embroidered looks, or flared jeans, you will find them all in Stacey’s new collection. AO.LA’s tees are super-trendy and feature fun pictures from icons such as David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, and Mickey Mouse.

Alice & Olivia Launches Denim Brand Called AO.LA flared jeans white tee

Alice & Olivia Launches Denim Brand Called AO.LA embroidered jeans white blouse

Alice & Olivia Launches Denim Brand Called AO.LA Bowie tee

The goal of this collection is not only to make women feel good in their new denim. Another thing that Bendet wanted to achieve is to help those in need. Exactly 10 percent of the Good jeans proceeds will go to a charitable cause- the Good + Foundation.


Alice & Olivia Launches Denim Brand Called AO.LA mickey mouse jeans

The price range of the jeans will vary between $198 and $295 depending on the style. Kimonos are definitely on the pricier side with a range that starts at $330 up to $495. The most expensive piece in the collection is a black leather jacket that costs $1,095.

Alice & Olivia Launches Denim Brand Called AO.LA multicolored kimono

Alice & Olivia Launches Denim Brand Called AO.LA black leather jacket

You can get the new AO.LA styles at several places. The collection launches together with the resort one and both are available online. Additionally, 21 of Alice + Olivia’s stores will carry the capsule line. Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus are the two retailers that you should also visit. Today is the official launch date for the new goods.

Alice & Olivia Launches Denim Brand Called AO.LA beret sunglasses ripped jeans

Photo Credit: Alice + Olivia AO.LA

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