Anja Rubik for Mohito Collection

Models, particularly top models, often begin to get their toes wet in the fashion design industry as well, alongside showcasing masterpieces on the runway. One latest such instance is with Anja Rubik, a 31-year-old Polish model, who has made a pretty good name for herself, who has taken a new spin to her career by creating her first ever fashion line with Polish brand Mohito. Anja has been modeling since she graduated high school, having roamed the world and become a favourite among those in the profession. As of September 2012, she has been ranked as an icon, who has also made the top model lists and ranked really high every time. She’s known as one of the highest earning women in the industry, while she has also been featured in a video game and become inspiration for “The One” manga’s main character, Cane Lele. It seems only fitting that such a professional would take a new direction in the fashion industry as well, while keeping up with her modelling contracts.

The new line known as Anja Designs is described as such in Rubik’s own words: “[It is thoughtfully] designed and curated, the ready-to-wear and accessories are pieces I feel that every woman should have in her wardrobe; both refined staples and chic statement pieces.” Wearing her own designs, Anja Rubik was photographed showing off her t-shirts, oversized sweaters, backpacks, purses, dresses, bellbottom trousers, mesh shirts, and more. With the hashtag #AnjaRubikxMohito one can take a look at all the styles available in this brand new Anja Rubik for Mohito collection. We’ve checked out some of the looks ourselves and are already falling in love!

We should focus on that sweater look first. Oversized, short sleeved and tucked into tights, this is definitely a look we can go for. It screams comfort as well as style, balancing out the tighter legs apparel with the looser top. This is the proper way to wear your fashion, always balancing tight with loose. This is great for days spent at home or getting some shopping down, while the latest style in adding sneakers to a look will create an overall comfort feel.

Anja Rubik for Mohito Collection


The black fringe accented bellbottom trouser ensemble is probably the sexiest piece in the Anja Rubik for Mohito collection at the moment, redefining sensual elegance with its mesh shirt showing off the chest area, fringe jacket, and mid-waist flared leg bell bottom pants that give the look a chic 1970s feel. It’s definitely something one can wear to a party and if you replace that shirt with something that won’t be giving away the skin color and curves on the chest region, you’ve got sophisticated professional attire on the go.

That gorgeous winter knot sweater is definitely a piece that we are craving at the moment. Our closets feel deprived without it. It’s pretty, it’s comfortable and looks really warm to boot. A looser turtleneck, oversized look and gorgeous knit pattern make it the perfect winter top to layer over a tight camisole.

Anja Rubik for Mohito Collection

Longer hems on short sleeved, high-neck tops with little in terms of shape are in, it seems, and the combination with looser khaki pants is actually rather captivating. It does, however, seem to emphasize the boyish figure, giving one a bit more of a tomboyish look. It’s no less desirable than the other pieces and the casual design means we can look great without flaunting our femininity. Dressed with the right makeup and hair, however, will ensure you are seen as every bet the female that you are.

The shoulder regions have an opening and it somehow makes this look appear to be rather robotic chic. It’s somehow futuristic, but exudes a certain elegance as well. Fashionable attire aside, this is one bold professional look you might want to wear to the office. It will turn heads but none can say you look less than professional. Add sleek ankle length leather pants to the mix and you have yourself a stylish ensemble.

Anja Rubik for Mohito Collection

We already mention fringe accented jackets, but what about fringe on pants? Think cowgirl with an extra fashionable twist as you have the tight pants with the design beginning from the side of the knee, down. Ad a V-neck unfitted sweater to balance the tight with the loose, and finish off with a felt hat that matches in texture with the rest of the outfit. Add backless stiletto heels to the mix and you are ready to take on the season.

Anja Rubik for Mohito Collection

One gorgeous piece that we have fallen in love with is the wraparound belted jacket that looks warm and stylish all at once. Three quarter length sleeves and a hem that brushes the tops of the thighs make for the right proportions overall, adding a pretty strong fashion sense to any outfit. Combine with tight pants and you are chic, sexy and ready to tackle’s the day’s obstacles in style.

Anja Rubik for Mohito Collection

Photos courtesy of Mohito

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