Calvin Klein x Andy Warhol Collab is Happening

High fashion is for sure one sort of art. Calvin Klein is perfectly aware of that and went a step further by connecting fashion and art with its latest collaboration. The fashion house signed a 4-year agreement with the Andy Warhol Foundation that will allow the brand to use Warhol’s art in its collections. From now until 2020 Calvin Klein will have the opportunity to use every single piece of art that Warhol has created together with never-before-published works. The brand will have the exclusive right to use the artist’s creations how it pleases. Besides celebrating Andy Warhol work through its collections, Calvin Klein will financially contribute to the foundation that supports contemporary visual art.

Calvin Klein x Andy Warhol Collab is Happening leather skirt Andy Warhol t shirt

The collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation is a result of Raf Simons‘s obsession with Warhol’s work. The creative director of the fashion house loves to celebrate art through his designs. In the past, he has collaborated with artists such as Peter Saville, Sterling Ruby and the Robert Mapplethorpe Estate for his Raf Simons brand. The designer also took his debut campaign for Calvin Klein at the Andy Warhol Foundation. Models posed in the infamous Calvin Klein logo underwear with Warhol’s works Statue of Liberty (1962), Elvis 11 Times (Studio Type) (1963), Ambulance Disaster (1963–64), Statue of Liberty (1962) and Skull (1976) in the background. The Warhol-obsession continued at the brand’s Spring 2018 show where many prints were used to decorate the pieces from the collection. The prints from the Calvin Klein Spring 2018 collection included images taken between ’63 and ’82 as well as two of Sandra Brant and Dennis Hopper. According to Simons, Warhol’s art represents the American reality better than anyone else.

Calvin Klein x Andy Warhol Collab is Happening leather skirt Andy Warhol t shirt

“He captured all sides of the American experience, including sometimes its darker sides. Warhol’s art tells more truths about this country than you can find almost anywhere else,” Simons explains.

Calvin Klein x Andy Warhol Collab is Happening leather skirt Andy Warhol t shirt

This is not the first time for Raf Simons to incorporate Andy Warhol’s art in his designs. As a creative director of Christian Dior’s womenswear operation, Simons partnered up with the Andy Warhol Foundation to use the artist’s work in Dior’s Fall 2013 ready-to-wear collection. The Andy Warhol Foundation also has a few more fashion collaborations in its portfolio. The Japanese casual wear brand Uniqlo and the avant-garde fashion house Comme des Garçons have collaborated with the Foundation in the past. Anyway, this is the biggest collaboration for the Andy Warhol Foundation of this type. We should expect to see more Warhol-infused pieces signed by Calvin Klein and Raf Simons at the brand’s Fall 2018 Show in February.

Calvin Klein x Andy Warhol Collab is Happening leather set and Andy Warhol t shirt

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