Celebrity Inspo: How to Wear Athleisure in 2017

When athleisure first showed up on the fashion scene it was all about looking stylish and being comfortable at the same time. The style was invented for women who want to make a fashion statement at the gym and wear their gym clothes around without getting the weird looks. Back in the days, athleisure would allow you to go for a quick lunch or have a drink with your friends while being super comfy. Afterward, you can hit the gym and workout in the same outfit. The athleisure style brought the chic and sporty coordinates, detailed leggings, cute sports bras and bralettes all looking great both at the gym and outside of it.

In 2017 the style took over the wardrobe of the biggest fashion influencers. Celebrities, models, bloggers, they all fell in love with the athleisure and gave it a bolder upgrade. We can’t say that the upgraded athleisure is comfy enough for the gym, but that’s not event the point anymore. The chic sporty pieces became an everyday staple to many of our favorite It girls regardless the fact that is not as comfortable as it used to be. The athleisure pieces are now paired with high heels, lace, satin, and a lot of accessories that you wouldn’t normally wear at the gym.

Take a look at the fashion icons who mastered the athleisure style and learn how to rock the hottest and the boldest trend of the year.

Sofia Richie

The model made a small but effective upgrade to her athleisure look by adding the tiny Louis Vuitton fanny pack. The fanny packs are another major trend this year and Sofia’s athleisure outfit was definitely all about the latest trends.

how to wear athleisure in 2017 Sofia Richie red pants
Photo Courtesy of BFA

Bella Hadid

Bella is fierce when it comes to experimenting. While most people will frown upon high heels and track pants she went even further and completed the sporty look with bold over the knee heeled boots.

how to wear athleisure in 2017 blue tracksuit and over the knee boots bella hadid
Photo By @bellahadid/Instagram

Hailey Baldwin

Hailey rocked the olive green satin zipper front jacket and pants coordinate with elegant pointed toe shiny high heels. She added couple small necklaces, massive gold watch and hoop earrings and stole the show on the streets.

how to wear athleisure in 2017 Hailey Baldwin green tracksuit
Phptp Courtesy of Backgrid

Chiara Ferragni

The Blond Salad rewrote the rules of athleisure with her beige Gucci satin coordinate. She made a daring move by leaving the top unbuttoned without anything underneath.

how to wear athleisure in 2017 chiara ferragni beige gucci satin coordinates
Photo By @chiaraferragni/Instagram

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian fiercely paired the elegant sheer lace bodysuit with a piece you would definitely wear at the gym. The eye-catching Adidas track pants were spiced up with fishnet stockings and black high heeled sandals. In your head, lace and sporty track pants may sound bad, but we have to agree that Kim rocked this look.

how to wear athleisure in 2017 black adidas track pants and lace bodysuit kim kardashian
Photo Courtesy of Fame Flynet

Gigi Hadid

Considering the fact that Gigi is a Tommy girl, she is the queen of the athleisure. She paired the sporty sweater and jacket with edgy velcro boots and made an unbeatable athleisure fashion statement.

how to wear athleisure in 2017 gigi hadid tommy sweater and jacket
Photo Courtesy of Belfa/Mega


We have a feeling that the bad girl Riri rocked the athleisure style way before other celebrities were aware of it. No wonder why she landed herself a deal with Puma and has a major success with her collections. Her latest clothing collection for Puma was all about the athleisure. She wears tracksuit pants and other sporty pieces with high heels and a lot of accessories on regular basis. This black and white all-Puma outfit from her collection is one of the boldest athleisure outfits we have seen so far.

how to wear athleisure in 2017 Rihanna white track pants and black top puma
Photo Courtesy of hausofrihanna.com

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez proved that you can rock a tracksuit with strappy evening heeled sandals. The best thing is that you can wear the same sandals with your evening dress and everyday wear. The young star’s Vetements tracksuit is definitely not only for the gym.

how to wear athleisure in 2017 Red Tracksuit Selena Gomez
Photo Courtesy of marieclaire.com

Kendall Jenner

Just like her older sister Kendall can pull of sporty pants and high heels. The vibrant red track leather pants paired with white heeled boots are a major athleisure statement.

how to wear athleisure in 2017 kendall jenner red tracksuit
Photo Courtesy of REX Features

Shea Marie

The Instagram star and blogger rocked another Vetements look that can easily blend with the everyday wear on the streets. The highly detailed look is also a major fashion statement that will turn heads whenever you go.

how to wear athleisure in 2017 shea marie vetements track pants and jacket
Photo By @peaceloveshea/Instagram

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