Chic Outfits to Wear When is Cold Outside

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One of the biggest style dilemmas of many fashion obsessives is how to keep up with the latest trends when is cold outside. Well, we have to say is a bit more challenging than in any other time of the year. But yet, it isn’t impossible. The weather conditions in some parts of the world can try to beat on the style, but for the real fashionista, the weather is never an excuse for a bad fashion choice. Anyway, our goal is to have none of those or only a few (if necessary).

So, first things first you need statement outwear pieces in your closet for this and every winter. Those who live in areas with crisp winter are truly blessed this year. Trends are at times unwearable, but not this season. And probably not for a while. The millennial fashion crowd is all about comfort nowadays. We can learn a lot from these cool youngsters. Need a lesson in winter layering – a millennial has a million of those. Take the puffer jacket for example – they made it the hottest outwear piece of the season. If you are fashionably conscious, you can finally wear a puffer with no style regrets. To be honest, this wasn’t always a favorite piece in the fashionista’s closet. Thankfully the streetwear icons rose the puffer to its well-deserved fame.

Speaking of warm and cozy stuff, get yourself a blanket scarf, or at least a good-sized one. Even if you have the simplest outfit underneath these scarves will level up your style to a point you don’t have to worry about anything except to wear it in the right way. Oversized knitted sweaters are another must in your closet when it comes to warm pieces. We have already talked about oversized sweaters multiple times in the past because we can’t stress enough how much you need them in your life.

You should layer with scarves, shirts, knitwear, even with denim when is cold outside. A denim jacket underneath a puffer is a statement-making combo not many would dare to flaunt. But if you are going for that careless street vibe this is one of the options.

Don’t hesitate to add statement-making colors to your outfits, even when it’s cold outside. This winter the color palette is much more daring including vibrant colors such as red, fuchsia, pink and even some neon hues.

Feast your eyes on these super chic outfits perfect for when is cold outside. Colorful and bold is the way to go this season.

Chic Outfits to Wear When is Cold Outside gray coat, sweater, shirt, jeans and sneakers
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