Christian Louboutin x Disney Star Wars Collab

Christian Louboutin and Disney teamed up for an exclusive collection that celebrates the “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”. This marks the third collaboration between the shoe master and Disney. In 2012, they released the “Cinderella” slipper and later in 2014 the “Maleficent” heels.

Christian Louboutin x Disney Star Wars Collab the last jedi
Photo Credit: Genevieve Elkin

“[Disney and ‘Star Wars’] are very, very strong at developing characters. I have the same thing when I’m designing shoes. I often think of a character, so in a way for me, it totally makes sense to work around the character because that’s basically what I do.” Louboutin also added that his “Star Wars designs are a take on the characters from the movie, but also made for the actress.”

The shoe collection is one-of-a-kind and specially designed for the official movie premiere. It features four designs, each one inspired by the lead female characters of the Star Wars saga. As an addition to those four, Christian will also present another showpiece. They will make an official debut on Saturday in Los Angeles during the world premiere of “The Last Jedi”.

Christian Louboutin x Disney Star Wars Collab the last jedi
Photo Credit: Rain Johnson/Ty Ervin

The special design is a result of the collaboration with Industrial Light and Magic, a company founded by the creator of the sci-fi franchise George Lucas. Louboutin didn’t reveal many details about the secret masterpiece. All we know is that it will involve holographic lightning effects and the six-inch Ballerina Ultima heel. During the premiere two Praetorian Guards will be taking care of the “Spaceship” exclusive shoe.

Christian Louboutin x Disney Star Wars Collab the spaceship
Photo Credit: Christian Louboutin

Daisy Ridley’s shoe dubbed “The Rey” is a perfect interpretation of her character. The shoe master made sure to include several elements that strongly remind of her costume. There is a frontal strap made of PVC that portrays her Jedi Powers. The brown leather ankle strap, on the other hand, comes from the cross-body harness. Christian focused most of the attention on the heel and gave it a blue iridescent shine, like a lightsaber. According to him, a good heel is woman’s biggest weapon.

Christian Louboutin x Disney Star Wars Collab the last jedi four designs
Photo Credit: Guillaume Fandel

The next one is Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo’s shoe, played by Laura Dern. Comes in a shimmery burgundy shade that matches her long cape. Rose Tico’s character inspired a golden statement sandal, that shows her “engineering-driven” character. Kelly Marie Tran plays the role of Rose in the movie. And last but not least, Gwendoline Christie will have the honors to wear Captain Phasma’s shoes. They are the most dramatic design in the collection, in a metallic silver shade with a curved heel. There is one detail that connects all of these designs. Louboutin designed a jewel stone that represents the Tie Fighter Spaceship.

Christian Louboutin x Disney Star Wars Collab the last jedi four designs
Photo Credit: Guillaume Fandel

All of the five designs will sell at an auction for a charitable cause. The designs are available on starting from today until December 20. Once the premiere is over, the “Spaceship” style will be added as well. Starlight Children’s Foundation will benefit from the sales of the Christian Louboutin x Disney Star Wars Collaboration.

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