Cindy Crawford Designed 90s’ Inspired Collection for Re/Done

Cindy Crawford is an iconic model that graced the covers of many magazines. The former model has served us many timeless looks that we still can’t get enough of. She is recognizable for her 90s’ denim looks, that today’s models often recreate. Now, Cindy designed her own personal denim line.

Cindy Crawford Designed a 90s Inspired Collection for Re/Done jeans

The collection for the luxury denim brand Re/Done is named “The Crawford”. The line carries a strong 90s’ vibe and features jeans, tees, and sweatshirts. The official ad campaign was shot by Sebastian Faena and shows the supermodel rocking a very laid-back style while showing off her designs.

Cindy Crawford Designed a 90s Inspired Collection for Re/Done sweatshirt

In the shots Crawford poses topless, wearing only her signature pair of jeans. The chic jeans will retail for $240. The collection also offers cool sweatshirts perfect for achieving that model off-duty look. There is a gray sweatshirt that features Cindy’s signature on the sleeve, colored in red. It will be available for $235. Next, the black hoody has Cindy’s face placed on the back. This one is a bit pricier and will cost $260. The last item seen in the official pictures is the white blouse that also features the model’s signature on one of the sleeves, available for $160.

Cindy Crawford Designed a 90s Inspired Collection for Re/Done T-shirt

The collaboration started when Cindy shared a throwback picture of herself in the iconic 501 Levi’s jeans and tagged Re/Done. The co-founders Jamie Mazur and Sean Barron saw it and immediately contacted the supermodel. That is how the collaboration was born and resulted in 90s’ inspired line.

Cindy Crawford Designed a 90s Inspired Collection for Re/Done T-shirt

“My daughter [Kaia Gerber] is obsessed with Re/Done, and I didn’t really have any of their jeans because I felt like I was there the first time around. I remember when I was obsessed with my red-tag 501s, and Levi’s were all we wore. So when I started following Re/Done on Instagram, I posted a picture of me in old Levi’s from back in the ‘90s with a caption like, ‘I was doing Re/Done before Re/Done.’ ”-the model told Vogue.

Cindy Crawford Designed a 90s Inspired Collection for Re/Done T-shirt

The collection is already available to purchase. Cindy shared several Instagram stories from her new collection. Re/Done’s Instagram profile is the place where you can get all of the designs using the swipe-to-shop option. For everyone that will not be able to buy the collection now, there is a second chance. Cindy’s collection will officially launch in mid-September. So if you don’t like to shop online, you can visit Barneys, Ron Herman Japan, and Colette, which will be the official retailers for the exclusive line. You can also shop at

Cindy Crawford Designed a 90s Inspired Collection for Re/Done T-shirt

Photo By: Sebastian Faena

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