Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2016 Campaign

Italy is a world of wonders unto itself, with the old and the new, the rich and the poor, the hustle and bustle of city life paralleled with the calm of the countryside, full of sunshine and rolling hills. It is a beautiful place, magnificent, much like many other countries but with its own charm, its own warmth and its own specific allure that brings in the masses year after year, yearning to have a taste of something that feels much like the forbidden fruit. As such, it makes sense that the beautifully created Dolce & Gabbana label will celebrate the life of its host country this coming spring, the New Year expected to bring with it much goodness and prosperity.

Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

The campaign images by Dolce & Gabbana often take on different aspect of Italy, this time bringing in as much color and diversity as possible, the cast in of itself including everyone from Luma Grothe to Leila Nda and Pauline Hoarau. The Dolce & Gabbana spring/summer 2016 campaign includes everything from spaghetti to red and white gingham tablecloths, complete with nuns somewhere in the background. It is all in high definition and a whirlwind of color, textures, and styles. There is nothing calm about the campaign and that is exactly what Italy is, particularly the city life. Italians are loud, happy, boisterous people, much like the Greeks and Armenians. And apparently they love stripes!

What new pieces do we expect to see through the Dolce & Gabbana spring 2016 collection? Floral print poplin tops sound just about right, combined with cotton poplin dresses with yellow centered daisies and gorgeous red poppies strewn across the fabric. The necklines look round, the showing off of skin is minimal. The looks are classy and loud and positively energetic, with the retro meets modern day compilation made complete.

There are a whole lot of stripes though, from the black, orange and white horizontal chest and vertical pleated skirts options to the high neck full-length shirtdresses in green and white, a poppy pinned to the chest. It is a love for Italy that brought about this collection, references to the 1950s abound in the floral prints, the lace and sheer fabrics creating a very ladylike atmosphere. There is nothing we do not love about this nine-image campaign, the collection itself having astounded us back in the fall during the SS 2016 Fashion Week runway show by Dolce & Gabbana.

While we may not be able to physically visit Italy this year, we are sure you will agree that having the Dolce & Gabbana spring 2016 campaign out, the images posted all over the place, we will feel like we are walking down the picturesque roads of the Cinque Terre villages, along the streets of Florence or in the warmth of the Tuscan hearth. There is nothing quite so enchanting as an Italian getaway and this campaign will ensure that we enjoy Italy’s lifestyle in a whole different manner. Now, to find a Fruttivendolo and a pizzeria or gelateria somewhere nearby…

Photos courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana

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