Emily Ratajkowski Launched Swimwear Line

The self-described beach baby finally came out with her very own swimwear line. Emily Ratajkowski launched Inamorata, a very instagrammable bathing suits line that might change your view on swimwear. The model & actress has the perfect background to make a revolution in the swimwear industry. She grew up in San Diego and studied art and design. These two things and over 15 million followers on Instagram encouraged Emily to get in the role of a swimwear designer. If you scroll through her Instagram account you’ll notice that Emily lives in her bathing suits. So, the launch of her swimwear line didn’t surprise us at all.

Emily Ratajkowski Launced Swimwear Line brick red monokini

Emily Ratajkowski Launced Swimwear Line brick red bikini

Emily’s Inamorata swimwear line carries her signature vintage vibe. The model went through old Sports Illustrated issues and Helmut Newton photographs for inspiration. She borrowed ideas from styles from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. That’s why her first collection for Inamorata is full of figure-accenting, high-cut bathing suits.

Emily Ratajkowski Launced Swimwear Line leopard print monokini

Emily Ratajkowski Launced Swimwear Line leopard print bikini

There are six styles so far, three bikinis and three one-piece swimsuits. The bikinis are also sold separately with separates and tops priced at $75 and $80 respectively. The one-piece swimsuits cost $160. Emily Ratajkowski made sure that these monokinis will enhance your waist in the best possible way. The model’s goal was to make these swimsuits as flattering as possible. Besides the super-high cuts, she used belts and bow ties to draw all the attention to the waist. The idea for the bow ties came from a picture in Sports Illustrated from the model Stephanie Seymour. This model wore a one-piece swimsuit with few bow ties in the back. Emily was obsessed with this idea and decided to add these details on the front. The bow ties are adjustable so you can have control over the tightness in the waist area.

Emily Ratajkowski Launced Swimwear Line black bow tie detail monokini

Emily Ratajkowski Launced Swimwear Line pastel peach bikini

The swimsuits come in a few fun prints as well as solid hues. There are swimsuits in a vintage polka dot print, a fierce leopard print, rich brick red and pastel peach color. All the one-piece styles are perfect for everyday wear. Ratajkowski spent a lot of time in Majorca recently and noticed that the pool and beachside attire is part of the women’s lifestyle there. Emily saw women of all shapes, sizes, and ages taking the swimsuit outside of the beach in their everyday life. They would cook, eat, relax, and take care of their kids while wearing their bathing suits. The lifestyle of these ladies inspired Emily to design monokinis you could take everywhere with you.

Emily Ratajkowski Launced Swimwear Line polka dot monokini

Emily Ratajkowski Launced Swimwear Line polka dot bikini

The Inamorata swimwear brand is self-funded by the model. She designed all the swimwear pieces by herself. There are an assistant and consultant that are helping her with other stuff.

“I’ve been doing different things with different people, but to have complete control is really special and exciting,” the model told Vogue.

Photo Credit: Olivia Malone/@inamorataswim/Instagram

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