How Emily Weiss Built Her Powerful Social Brand

You might know the name Emily Weiss if you’re not alien to Instagram and fashion blogs that have been topping the industry in the past few years. If you’re not familiar with this woman, you’re about to read about one of the most inspiring entrepreneurship stories.

Starting off as a regular author of a regular blog named Into the Gloss (there are so many blogs, think of her chances!), Emily Weiss never thought she’d be the owner of an innovative cosmetics brand in just a few years. Articles that have resulted from mere interest towards the beauty industry and why we, women, love about our favorite cosmetics brands, slowly brought Weiss to a new path. But let’s start from the beginning to have a better idea of how Emily Weiss built such a strong social brand.

How Emily Weiss Built Her Powerful Social Brand

In 2010 a blogger named Emily Weiss opened a fashion blog as a way to present the world of fashion to its online audience. However, only 5 years later, Weiss has become the chief executive of 2 brands with a team of 38 and lots of ideas to be put into test.

Weiss insists; “There was no real strategy — and certainly not a business strategy.” A brand that was once popular with its engaging and informative content suddenly became more materialistic. It all happened in 2013; the change happened very smoothly, without eureka moments and surprise actions. Moreover, the entire brand was launched with an Instagram campaign, driving massive social media traffic into the brand’s fan base.

When a fashion blog turns into a serious e-commerce platform, some ideas get replaced. Weiss had a very different business approach compared to other well-known cosmetics brands. Instead of analyzing the market trends, she went directly to her audience, asking them to share their ideas about what they thought was a perfect product.

That’s how her products were shaped. A pretty democratic way for the 21st century of gain and profit! In fact, her brand philosophy is also unique, calling women to be comfortable with their own bodies. “If you feel sexy, great. If you feel a little sad today, okay. If you want your freckles and scars to shine through, cool…,” Weiss explains, “We’re taking a chance that women will respond to this reclamation of beauty and their bodies.”

The brand is growing very quickly and has displayed one of the most desirable qualities of a cosmetics company; customers always seem to demand more and more, without getting bored or tired. For instance, Weiss’s consumers have been asking for international shipping for years. On one hand, it’s a pity to see a brand with this powerful of a potential not opening its wings enough, but on the other hand, this might be the reason it’s doing so well. There is still a factor of exclusivity and limited-edition, which is often translated into quality and time-lasting pieces. These are perceptions we all have as customers, and whether Weiss has played with our minds a little or not, this technique is working out for her very well.

As an experienced fan of crowdsourcing, some of the requests by online users have turned into real projects. To relieve the borders of keeping the products nationwide only, Weiss has partnered up with a famous e-tailer Net-a-Porter and has made her 3-pack Glossier Balm Dotcom (worth only $36) available internationally. Judging from this experimental step, it seems more than logical that other Glossier products will follow this plan over time.

Speaking of exclusivity, Weiss has opened the penthouse of her office for customer visits on Friday, which however, according to Weiss herself, won’t last long. Starting from an online blog, it’s more than natural that the company keeps its main focus on digital. It’s where the brand was born and it just seems that digital is the most correct way of leading Glossier forward.

Keeping Glossier digital can also save it from the tempting offers from the industry giants. We all know their names, and we don’t need yet another line or brand joining the gigantic beauty brand families. Together with the millions of fans of Glossier, we’d love to follow its unique journey and make sure that a brand, literally born of comments and feedback, doesn’t turn into yet another mainstream trend. Long live Glossier!

Photo courtesy of @emilywweiss

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