Etro Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

For Pre-Fall 2018 Etro stayed true to its luxury nomadic spirit. Look at the pieces and you’ll immediately want to book your next trip. Veronica Etro was never too impractical but this time she wants you to dress with ease. For Pre-Fall 2018 she stayed away from overly elegant pieces meant just for the night. The designer focused on multi-occasional items instead. Something that can carry you from day to night while you are on the go and everywhere in general. But especially when you are exploring new places. Packing light just makes life easier.

Etro Pre Fall 2018 Collection long cardigan and trousers

Etro Pre Fall 2018 Collection dress and coat coordinates

Veronica Etro took her shopping needs into consideration while designing the Pre-Fall 2018 collection for Etro.

“I want nonchalance,” she explained, “easy things not just for night,” the designer explained.

Etro Pre Fall 2018 Collection floral coordinates

Etro Pre Fall 2018 Collection dress and logo sweater, shirt and leggings

That’s why you’ll find an array of semi-formal dresses in the Etro Pre-Fall 2018 collection. Featuring the fashion house’s recognizable patterns the dresses don’t indicate at what time of the day or the night you should wear them. Veronica paired satin dresses with high boots instead of stilettos to break the cocktail dress code. She opted for vibrant floral prints to add life to the collection. Fun prints and distinctive fabrics are in the DNA of Etro since the fashion house started as a textile design company. The color palette was on the playful side. Vibrant hues such as yellow, pink, purple, and orange elevated the designs. Veronica Etro wants you to go all-vivid for the last days of Summer 2018.

Etro Pre Fall 2018 Collection satin dress

Etro Pre Fall 2018 Collection satin dress

Believe it or not, there was a pop of athleisure in the nomadic vintage story of Etro. But that’s nothing like the pieces you’ll see at Fenty by Puma for example. Veronica Etro doesn’t expect her customers to work out in the crop top and leggings coordinates. She suggests you wear them during weekends to give yourself a break from thick denim or formal trousers that were on you all work week long. She paired the sporty coordinates with a show-stopping cardigan to elevate the outfit.

Etro Pre Fall 2018 Collection velvet cardigan and sporty coordinates

Etro Pre Fall 2018 Collection brocade cardigan and jeans

In fact, cardigans and blazers had a moment in the Etro Pre-Fall 2018 collection. In case you want to make a statement with just a single piece, this is what you need in your wardrobe. Veronica Etro went all-vibrant and combined them with other patterned pieces. But you can wear these over simple ensembles if you prefer one thing to stand out.

Etro Pre Fall 2018 Collection floral coordinates

Etro Pre Fall 2018 Collection floral dress and purple knitted cardigan

You don’t have to move around a lot to shop at Etro for late summer. The Pre-Fall 2018 offerings are versatile and will fit any occasion.

Photo Credit: Etro

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