The Trendiest Pants You Need To Get For Fall 2014

Coco Chanel once said: “There is nothing sexier than a gorgeous woman in menswear.” This definitely refers to a pair of tailored trousers too, as originally such pieces were regarded as menswear. The fall 2014 pants trends are super rich, varied and gorgeous, ranging from bold avant-garde models to the classic styles that always triumph. We can rightly say that you can never lack creative styles and models, when it comes to trendy fall 2014 pants. So browse through the most astounding options of pants that you need to get for fall 2014 and stick to the styles that flatter your figure and personality!

Fall 2014 Pants Trend #1: Palazzo Pants

This ‘60s style of fabulous women’s pants is one of the most feminine trouser styles you can experiment with this fall. Thanks to their extremely wide legs, palazzo pants even resemble full skirts. This style of pants looks in a perfect harmony with delicate silk blouses, short jackets and knitted tops.

Fall 2014 Pants Trends for Women: Palazzo Pants

Fall 2014 Pants Trend #2: Ankle-Length Pants

Short ankle-length cut pants represent the next uber-gorgeous trend of trousers for the new season. The advantage of this style is that ankle-length pants tend to elongate one’s figure, this way targeting petite women too. Ankle-length pants come with and without arrows, as well as they can be in the casual style, like jeans, or in the classic and strict forms. Keep in mind that with the help of these uber-fashionable pants you’ll easily accentuate your stylish fall footwear!

Fall 2014 Pants Trends for Women: Ankle-Length Pants

Fall 2014 Pants Trend #3: Culottes

The mixture of the palazzo pants and ankle-length pants leads to the stylish culottes, which are the next trendy trousers for fall. Such pants usually come with high waists and quite often they resemble clowns’ pants, however with big proportions of chic and elegance. Unfortunately, culottes don’t flatter every figure, as only women with slender leggy legs and a perfect figure tend to look chic in culottes.

Fall 2014 Pants Trends for Women: Culottes

Fall 2014 Pants Trend #4: Leather Pants

As you may have already learnt it from our report of the fall/ winter 2014-2015 fashion trends, leather is again one of the chicest trends of the new season. Therefore every type of garment made of this luxurious material is trendy in fall, including gorgeous leather pants especially in the classic black hue. While during the previous seasons mostly skinny leather pants were trendy, this season fashion designers also bring baggy and wide models of leather pants, which, unfortunately, limit their target audience. Go for such options if you are tall and slim, otherwise stick to the fab skinny leather pants this fall!

Fall 2014 Pants Trends for Women: Leather Pants

Fall 2014 Pants Trend #5: Masculine Pants for Stylish Women

Androgyny is having a big moment this cold season, and consequently masculine pants for women are uber-trendy again. What distinguishes them is the practicality and the comfy aspect, targeting not only fashionisers with a unique sense of style, but also those, who want to look chic at the office.

Fall 2014 Pants Trends for Women: Masculine Pants

Fall 2014 Pants Trend #6: Printed Pants

The fall/ winter 2014-2015 print trends are so diverse and cool that they manage to cater to any fashioniser, those in love with the romantic florals, or fans of the wild animal prints, creative abstract motifs or geometric vibes. Accordingly, the new cold season brings a variety of stylish printed pants with it, which look especially beautiful in combination with monochrome blouses and outerwear options.

Fall 2014 Pants Trends for Women: Printed Pants

Fall 2014 Pants Trend #7: Shiny Pants

Metallic colors are also one of fall’s leading trends, and fans of the controversial style can boldly go for shiny pants in the new season. In metallic silver or gold pants you’ll shine on the dance floor. Such styles of pants, however, aren’t recommended wearing on the daily basis, unless you know how to mute your outfit a bit styling your look correctly.

Fall 2014 Pants Trends for Women: Shiny Pants

The fall/ winter 2014-2015 trends of pants for women are so diverse and cool that everyone is sure to find something matchy for her character, style and silhouette. So dive into the new styles of pants and get into the fall mood!

Photos courtesy of Gary Pepper Girl, Vanessa Jackman,The Corporate Catwalk, Song of Style, Negin Mirsalehi, Fashion Vibe, The Blonde Salad

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