Fendi Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

Fendi wants to open your heart for Pre-Fall 2018. We might have had enough of edgy motifs. So, Fendi decided to take the cheesy heart motif in a manner that’s not romantic – therefore it’s not cheesy at all. The Theme for the Pre-Fall 2018 collection “Open Your Heart” has nothing to do with romance.

Fendi Pre Fall 2018 Collection heart print coat

Fendi Pre Fall 2018 Collection heart print coat

The collection is dedicated to the Queen of Hearts, a woman who “is charming, magnetic, and attractive; she is fun, ironic, but always elegant and passionate about details,” states the official press release of the fashion house.

Fendi Pre Fall 2018 Collection black sheer skirt and skirt

Fendi Pre Fall 2018 Collection black midi dress

Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi managed to make a graphic pattern out of the heart motif, instead of romantic symbol. You could see it in most of the pieces in the Fendi Pre-Fall 2018 Collection. From heart embellishments on clothing items to heart-shaped openings and details on footwear and bags, Fendi was obsessed with all kinds of hearts for its Pre-Fall 2018 collection. We can understand why – these reinvented heart motifs look insanely chic.

Fendi Pre Fall 2018 Collection black skirtsuit

Fendi Pre Fall 2018 Collection pleated patterned skirt and black blouse

The energy of the collection is very dynamic thanks to the vibrant prints and decorations that added life to the pieces. It’s hard to find ensembles without mixed prints in the Fendi Pre-Fall 2018 presentation. Everything from the clothing to the footwear offerings carried a statement-making vibe. The pointed toe shoes dominated the collection. A highlight of the Pre-Fall footwear offerings were the patterned shoes that have the power to elevate any outfit.

Fendi Pre Fall 2018 Collection mixed print outfit

Fendi Pre Fall 2018 Collection printed midi dress

In general, you don’t need much effort to make a statement with Fendi’s pre-fall offerings. If you found yourself in the description of the Queen of Hearts, it shouldn’t be hard to pull off these vibrant ensembles. The Queen of Hearts is passionate about details, Fendi claimed. To satisfy her thirstiness for intricate aesthetic, Fendi added the tiniest detail of the season that’s about to change the way you wear heeled shoes and ankle boots. In 2018 you have to stock on statement socks. You can’t get away with the fact that socks aren’t visible and wear whatever comes first in your hands.

Fendi Pre Fall 2018 Collection patterned midi skirt and olive shirt

Fendi Pre Fall 2018 Collection red trousers and patterned coat

The streetwear crowd made the logo socks a trending item recently. Anyway, Fendi kept things classy with chic patterned socks without the brand’s logo. That wasn’t the case with the rest of the Pre-Fall 2018 collection. Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi used their signature pattern on multiple pieces in the collection. The one with double “F” that never gets old and you can never get enough of it.

Fendi Pre Fall 2018 Collection mixed print outfit

Fendi Pre Fall 2018 Collection patterned coat

Photo Credit: Fendi

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