The New Gangsta Style In Fashion

Ready for stylish innovations and fresh fashion trends? Then the newest Gangsta style in fashion can really interest you with its creativity and cool vibes. There are very many ideas and opinions about this style. Some imagine gangster ladies involved in mafia and ready to kill anyone, when hearing the word Gangsta, others just limit the flight of their imagination with the images of girls having short hair and luxurious shiny dresses, while for the third, this definition leads to images of those artists of gangsta rap music type singing about life in ghetto and wearing corresponding types of garments.
The Gangsta style is not that simple and definite as it may seem at the first sight. It can be suitable not only for the fans of casual youthful combinations, but also for the classy and elegant ladies. We will now tell you about the most noteworthy and popular types of the Gangsta style in fashion, so that you’ll be able to pick the one that suits you the most.

The New Gangsta Style In Fashion

The Gangsta Style with Masculine Inspiration

Thus, the first option we would like to speak about is the masculine inspired Gangsta style, imitating the fashion of the members of Mafia of the 1920-1930s in the US. Traditionally, they were called the Chicago Mafia clans. According to the traditional idea, Gangsters are those people, who have some connection with the criminal world. As that idea states, the image of the Gangster is the one made of a black suit and a classic hat covering half of the face, super shiny polished boots and a slightly oversized jacket to hide the weapons inside. Those images of Gangsters do not have anything in common with the present day criminals and this style can be considered as one of the directions that the overall trend includes. It is also quite easy to create such looks, just matching a sumptuous suit with a dark tie, some classy shirts and well-polished boots, all accentuating your financial well-being and your social status.

Masculine Gangsta Style In Fashion

The Glam Gangsta Style

Another specific and very interesting direction of the Gangsta style again dates back to the ‘20s and ‘30s of the past century, when the stories of the musical “Chicago” and “The Great Gatsby” were common. The comeback of this style marked the second breath of the Gangsta style as such, too. Luxury and freedom are the characteristic features of this époque and the free style of the garments is also affected by the peculiarities of this philosophy. The accessories and the makeup are also in for the imprints of the times. Thus, femininity and flirtatiousness are the basic vibes of the looks of Chicago fashion divas. It was the first time in history that the dresses and the skirts became so eye-catching reaching the level of the knee and coming combined with accessories like shoulder belts and naked backs instead of sleeves and closed shapes, even also replacing the luxurious décolleté.
The glam Gangsta style doesn’t have any limitations. The apparel options apparently accentuate the body and come created with super sumptuous fabrics and materials like chiffon, silk, satin, and velvet matched with glittery details, beads, sequins, and fringes. The ladies tried to concentrate everyone’s attention on broad shoulders, which came visually oversized with the help of structural solutions or accessories like scarfs. Hats and jewels adorning the hairstyles were also an important aspect of the looks.
For some inspiration you can have a look at the most famous spring/summer 2014 fashion shows of such fashion giants as Giorgio Armani, Lanvin, Badgley Mischka, Carmen Marc Valvo, Roberto Cavalli and Sue Wong.
Thus in order to create a glam Gangsta style inspired look you need to pick a knee length dress or a floor length alternative, some glittery details on the texture of the piece, leggings with vertical seams at the back, classic heels, fur outerwear pieces, and some long gloves!

Glam Gangsta Style In Fashion

The Modern Gangsta Style

For the modern Gansgta style, the associations first of all go with music. The Gangsta rap is one of the varieties of hip-hop music, the texts of which are devoted to tough life in Afro-American ghetto. The singers want to attract the attention of the society and to focus it on serious problems like street hooliganism, robbery, and free trade of drugs. They want to become the voice of the young generation, and particularly the voice of those coming from poor social layers living in the atmosphere of crime and toughness of the police. Gangsta rap is a type of social music and the “gangster” singing is equal to those, to whom the words are addressed.
The youthful Gangsta style in fashion presupposes effortlessness and brutal charm. A gangster’s girlfriend wears ripped jeans, T-shirts with slogans, colorful jackets with oversized looks and thus looks both sassy and aggressive. In showbiz, the ideal image of a gangsta girl has been created perfectly by Rihanna. The defining accessories of the modern Gangsta style are the headbands, the caps and the huge golden bijou.

Modern Gangsta Style In Fashion

Thus, here you had the description of another extremely cool and great fashion trend and once more you are to choose whether this style is meant for you or not. Like all of the other styles and looks, it also has its peculiarities and peculiar directions, which are in their turn quite versatile and diverse. So what you need to do is choose your style wisely and be careful with the details, because this is the case when details make up a significant proportion everything. So if you are looking for changes and want to combine the retro glam with the modern chic or just enjoy the revolting and bold philosophy of the present day youngsters, going for any of the Gangsta style directions will be a good way out for you. So change the statements about your personality and be the gangster of the neighborhood if you dare! Changing the style of the garments is the best start!

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro, DulceIda

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