Georgina Chapman’s Marchesa Cancels NYFW Show

Georgina Chapman, the now-estranged wife of the disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein reportedly canceled the New York Fashion Week show for her brand Marchesa that was set to happen in February. The fashion show was scheduled for February 14, the final day of NYFW. This was supposed to be Chapman’s first public appearance since her husband received multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. The Marchesa designer has been in hiding ever since the Harvey scandal. Sources claim that Georgina thought she could finally make a public appearance, but she got too scared to go through the event.

Instead of a classic runway show, the brand will hold a digital presentation.

“Marchesa is looking forward to presenting their Fall 18 collection in an updated format this season,” a Marchesa spokesperson revealed to PEOPLE.

Georgina Champans Marchesa Cancels NYFW Show Georgina Chapman and Harvey Weinstein
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Anyway, the digital presentation is most certainly a way for Georgina Chapman and her business partner Keren Craig to stay away from the public eye. Although Harvey Weinstein was the one accused of unforgivable actions, his wife is under fire too. It’s well-known that Georgina Chapman founded Marchesa the year she met Harvey Weinstein. Along with Chapman and Craig, Harvey Weinstein also funded Marchesa in 2004. Since then the label was worn by numberless celebrities on the red carpet. Many leading Hollywood ladies admitted that Harvey pressured them to wear Marchesa on famous events. Many people find it hard to believe that Chapman wasn’t aware of Weinstein’s unacceptable behavior during their 10-year marriage.

Georgina Champans Marchesa Cancels NYFW Show nude embellished gown
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All these things affected the brand Marchesa big time. First of all, because there isn’t a single celebrity who would wear Marchesa’s designs ever again. Even retailers don’t want to be associated with the brand anymore. Just for the records, the renowned Helzberg Diamonds canceled a collaboration with Marchesa in October. Other retailers also claimed that regular people lost their interest in Marchesa after the big scandal.

Georgina Champans Marchesa Cancels NYFW Show red semi sheer gown
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Despite all these facts that don’t go in favor of Marchesa, the brand continued with its business. Just recently Chapman and Craig unveiled 38 lookbook photos of their Marchesa and Marchesa Notte pre-fall 2018 collections. Anyway, both designers continued to keep a low profile refusing to hold press appointments for the new collections. It’s still unclear what is the next move for Marchesa since the designers in charge are in hiding and no celebrity is willing to promote the brand. The now-canceled comeback on New York Fashion Week is another proof that it won’t be easy for Marchesa to get back on track.

Georgina Champans Marchesa Cancels NYFW Show lace midi dress
Photo By @marchesafashion/Instagram

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