Gucci RTW Spring/Summer 2018 Collection At MFW

Alessandro Michele knows how to make an entrance. The creative director of Gucci opened the SS 2018 Milan Fashion Week setting high standards for the upcoming shows. The venue had statues inspired by a book about the villas of Horacio. Unexpectedly, in a dim lighting, the designer showed the latest offerings from the fashion house Gucci. Alessandro Michele managed to make Gucci the most successful high fashion brand. So he is allowed to make such bold decisions. Each guest received a small box covered with occult symbols in Gothic handwriting. Inside the box, there was a mini set of black candles and a pack of matches with the word “hypnotism” written on the package.

Gucci RTW Spring Summer 2018 Collection MFW leather skirt and embellished top

Gucci RTW Spring Summer 2018 Collection MFW embellished blouse and pants

The collection was another ode to history. Lately, Alessandro received critics that he needs to evolve his aesthetic. But the eccentric designer has a different vision for the brand.

Gucci RTW Spring Summer 2018 Collection MFW suit with skirt

Gucci RTW Spring Summer 2018 Collection MFW multicolored belted dress multicolored coordinates

“When you watch the show you can see what I’m trying to do: I want to stay in my aesthetic. I don’t want to run because I know the company works in a very fast way, but that doesn’t lessen the creative act – ‘okay, let’s finish up!” the designer said. “It’s about what is the playground of Gucci: I want to stay, I want to feel, and I want to dilate this little swimming pool and turn it into an ocean.”

Gucci RTW Spring Summer 2018 Collection MFW velvet suit and multicolored dress

Gucci RTW Spring Summer 2018 Collection MFW silk skirt suit

The Gucci Spring/Summer 2018 collection tells stories from the fashion history. But at the same time, the pieces are very contemporary. Alessandro Michele lives in Rome where the presence of the past is very strong. On the other hand, Rome is a central place of fashion, so his collection is practically a fusion of the present and the past.

Gucci RTW Spring Summer 2018 Collection MFW logo blouse and skirt

Gucci RTW Spring Summer 2018 Collection MFW trainers

Alessandro’s logomania was all over the Spring/Summer 2018 collection. The designer upgraded the Gucci logo for all his loyal admirers who love to pay tribute to the brand through the clothes they wear. The designer created pieces inspired by his recent friendships.  In  Elton John’s honor, there was a suit with musical note embroidery, purple sequined jacket with snake embellishments and a jacket with pom-poms. The idea for the “Never marry a Mitford” sweater came from Alessandro’s friendship with the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire where Gucci sponsored the extravagant “House style exhibition”.

Gucci RTW Spring Summer 2018 Collection MFW musical notes embroidery suit

Gucci RTW Spring Summer 2018 Collection MFW slogan sweater

Gucci Spring/Summer 2018 was an extreme and contradictory experience from the audience in Milan. The intricate ensembles indicated that Alessandro Michele won’t give up on his eccentric aesthetic anytime soon. After all, the Gucci’s high revenues are in his favor.

Gucci RTW Spring Summer 2018 Collection MFW graphic vest and shorts

Gucci RTW Spring Summer 2018 Collection MFW pom pom blazer and one piece swimsuit

Photo Credit: Yannis Vlamos /

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