Gucci x Ignasi Monreal #GucciHallucination Capsule

Millennials’ favorite brand Gucci just announced another collaboration with the Spanish-born artist Ignasi Monreal. The luxury label has partnered with Ignasi on several occasions before, using his stunning digital artwork for their collections. This time, they will release an exclusive capsule that will feature nine T-shirt and nine sweatshirt designs. Each one of the pieces will be decorated with Monreal’s artwork.

Gucci x Ignasi Monreal #GucciHallucination Capsule white sweatshirt blue pants check blazer

Gucci x Ignasi Monreal #GucciHallucination Capsule turquoise sweatshirt

Dubbed #GucciHallucination, the capsule embodies fictive and mythological vibes. You’ll see animals with human heads, mermaids, fairytale-inspired paintings and more. To celebrate the launch of the collaboration, the luxury brand and Monreal revealed a big art installation located in East London. The gorgeous painting is plastered over a wall on Brick Lane and it shows a lady opulently dressed in the brand’s clothing and dripping in logo jewelry. The whole art was inspired by a painting by Ignacio Zuloaga “Portrait of Señora de Garay” and by the story of Rapunzel. Ignasi’s murals are also all over Milan, New York, and Hong Kong.

Gucci x Ignasi Monreal #GucciHallucination Capsule orange sweatshirt

Gucci x Ignasi Monreal #GucciHallucination Capsule orange t-shirt

In December last year, Gucci’s Alessandro Michele decided to skip the regular campaigns. He thought of a very innovative way to advertise his Spring 2018 collection. The designer tapped Monreal and used his digital paintings to present the designs. Michele and Ignasi reworked everyone’s favorite fairytales into sophisticated characters that wore Gucci’s spring 2018 garments.

Gucci x Ignasi Monreal #GucciHallucination Capsule red sweatshirt nude pants

Gucci x Ignasi Monreal #GucciHallucination Capsule red sweatshirt

The amazingly-talented artist also teamed up with the brand for the premiere of their Gucci Bloom fragrance. Once again he did all the digital paintings and promotional material. The luxury brand used the artist’s work on several other occasions including the holiday 2017 campaign and the Gucci Cruise 2018 collection. Ignasi is a true visionary, focused on surrealistic elements in his work. Michele and Monreal first met during the #GucciGram campaign back in 2015. And they seem to be the perfect match, considering they both have unique ideas.

Gucci x Ignasi Monreal #GucciHallucination Capsule blue sweatshirt purple pants

Gucci x Ignasi Monreal #GucciHallucination Capsule blue t-shirt

The #GucciHallucination capsule will feature chic sweatshirts and T-shirts. It’s a limited-edition collection so the brand will only release 200 pieces of every T-shirt design, and 100 pieces of every sweatshirt style. Customers will get their goodies in an exclusive packaging that will also feature Monreal’s artwork. All of the garments will be labeled with a number. The color range includes orange, black, teal, soft pink, mint green, blue, mustard yellow, and more.

Gucci x Ignasi Monreal #GucciHallucination Capsule black sweatshirt

Gucci x Ignasi Monreal #GucciHallucination Capsule black sweatshirt

The #GucciHallucination capsule is available starting from today. You can shop your favorite items on the label’s official website It might be hard to pick just one, so go ahead and indulge yourself because you deserve it.

Gucci x Ignasi Monreal #GucciHallucination Capsule pink sweatshirt

Gucci x Ignasi Monreal #GucciHallucination Capsule teal t-shirt

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