Gucci’s Spring 2018 “Utopian Fantasy” Campaign

Gucci and Alessandro Michele are on a winning streak. Just one week after presenting their opulent Pre-Fall 2018 collection the luxury brand has more surprises for everyone. Alessandro is full of innovative ideas. Since his arrival at Gucci, he’s been a real game-changer. For their Spring 2018 campaign, Michele once again decided to shift to another direction. Instead of launching a series of photographs for the campaign, he teamed up with Ignasi Monreal who created astonishing digital paintings.

Gucci’s Spring 2018 “Utopian Fantasy” Campaign floral skirts tracksuit

Gucci’s Spring 2018 “Utopian Fantasy” Campaign orange blouse necklaces

Ignasi is a renowned Spanish artist and illustrator. He and the fashion house have collaborated on several occasions in the past. The Spring 2018 campaign, dubbed “Utopian Fantasy” portrays modern-time fairytales. Gucci’s opulent designs are shown through surrealistic paintings that show off the artistic side of the brand. The artwork is divided into three themes: sky, sea, and earth. Gucci’s Spring 2018 “Utopian Fantasy” Campaign skirt sweater blazer pants

Gucci’s Spring 2018 “Utopian Fantasy” Campaign red blazer pink shorts

Gucci’s Spring 2018 “Utopian Fantasy” Campaign long dress black cape

Alessandro and Monreal worked on everyone’s favorite fairy tales such as Snow White and gave them a contemporary twist. As expected Gucci’s glam is in full swing in the ads. Their modern knight is checking his iPhone while wearing a golden Gucci bag to match his armor. Today’s Snow White wears oversized glasses and a chic sweater that features the same character.

Gucci’s Spring 2018 “Utopian Fantasy” Campaign bag

Gucci’s Spring 2018 “Utopian Fantasy” Campaign Snow White sweater

Michele’s love for over-the-top glamour once again predominates in the campaign. He is very fond of opulence and maximalism in everything he does. The designer credits art and history as an inspiration for his work. So after last season’s Sci-Fi-inspired campaign, we weren’t expecting such a turn. But the fact that you never know what to expect from him makes the designer such a genius.

Gucci’s Spring 2018 “Utopian Fantasy” Campaign embellished jacket pink pants

Gucci’s Spring 2018 “Utopian Fantasy” Campaign coat skirt blazer

Ignasi Monreal is also a veteran in the fashion world, with many high-end collaborations in his resume. Several seasons ago the super-innovative artist worked with Dior on their Lady Dior handbag collection. You will also find his work in the recent Louis Vuitton’s “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez” exhibition in New York.

Gucci’s Spring 2018 “Utopian Fantasy” Campaign red bag

Gucci’s Spring 2018 “Utopian Fantasy” Campaign tracksuit

The “Utopian Fantasy” will make its official debut on January 8, 2018. Until then, we can feast our eyes on these surreal paintings. Just one week ago the luxury brand revealed a collaboration with Dapper Dan on his Harlem atelier. Dan will also front their menswear Fall/Winter 2017 campaign and will collaborate with Gucci on their Fall/Winter 2018 collection. Alessandro’s unique vision of fashion is paying off. He managed to transform Gucci into one of the greatest brands at the moment and the favorite one of many celebrities and Millennials.

Gucci’s Spring 2018 “Utopian Fantasy” Campaign transparent dress

Gucci’s Spring 2018 “Utopian Fantasy” Campaign embellished sunglasses

Photo Credit: Ignasi Monreal

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