H&M’s Holiday 2014 Campaign Featuring Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett and Others

What’s a winter collection without including Lada Gaga in the mix? Of course, when you’re thinking H&M, the hit superstar does seem to be a great fit to model the latest fashions and having duet partner Tony Bennett by her side just add the cherry on top of the sugary topping. We were expecting something super extravagant, but it seems the meat-dress sporting, fire breathing cone bra wearing singer has toned down her antics for the holiday season. Of course, toned down for Lady Gaga is nothing less than sensational, but at least they are styles we could easily incorporate into our winter wardrobes without worry that it will go bad or stink up the house.

On August 27, 2014, it was announced that the duo would be starring in H&M’s holiday 2014 ads, adding a fashion photo shoot to their unexpected collaboration on an album called “Cheek to Cheek” not long before that. The Swedish retailed seems to have found their combined presence rather enchanting, particularly after the “It Don’t Mean a Thing” duet produced for the company. The campaign is right on schedule, with the first images of the collection available just before we enter the month of November.

H&M's Holiday 2014 Campaign Featuring Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett and Others

The H&M holiday 2014 collection is inspired by the 1940s, with its glitz, the unending glamour and the unquenchable opulence of the decade. H&M wants to be as festive as possible and that means brighter colors (albeit gray is most definitely in style now), lots of shimmering and glittery concoctions and thigh-high heels. The photos are fun, they’re audacious and simply irresistible! Lady Gaga most definitely rocks the voluminous, curly hairdo, as well. We might be dropping people dead on the street if we walked out with just the oversized knit sweater and fishnet sticking with black pumps, however! Tony Bennett? He looks ever so classy in that suit of his, complete with a red pocket handkerchief.

The H&M holiday 2014 campaign also features top models including Joan Smalls, Sasha Pivovarova, Charlotte Carey and more. They bring humour to the stage and curious exuberance to the camera. While we comb through this latest collection, we certainly are drawn to the happy expressions and flirty looks we are getting!

Loose-fitting sweaters with tights and thigh-high heels are back in style and I think we are just as excited to be wearing it throughout the holiday season, as this lovely lady seems to be! Receiving a golden gift (that may just include more chunky jewellery to add to the mix) might have us dancing in a similar fashion as well.

What better way to receive Christmas gifts than while doing our yoga poses, right? I mean, that tree pose is only improved with the white sweatpants, though we may perspire a little too much with the knit sweater and scarf that could be used to cover out heads. That hooded knit sweater dress though? We certainly can go with that piece, particularly when we add thigh-high boots to the mix.

H&M's Holiday 2014 Campaign Featuring Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett and Others

H&M's Holiday 2014 Campaign Featuring Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett and Others

Knit cowl-neck scarves are the perfect accessory to keep us warm, particularly if we opt to wear that sleeveless lip of a mini dress. Thigh-high heels are perfect to compliment the otherwise formless dress as well. On the other hand, glitter need not only be in a dress, particularly if you’re going to be having some friends over to share the New Year with. Shimmering tights and a loose fitting shorter sleeved sweater, coupled with large glitzy earrings, are just perfect to ensure comfort, glam and bring out the fun in you.

What would a holiday collection be without the perfect red dress and this one looks to be really warm to boot! You could always swap it with a multi-coloured glitter dress, wearing either with thigh-high boots or black tights and strappy shoes. Both dresses are made to be glamorous while they have not forgotten that the holiday season is cold and needs a little bit more in terms of material covering up the bare skin.

Of course, a little red dress need not be a dress at all but also an outfit comprising of a form-fitting ruby-red sweater tucked into a slightly pleated midi skirt. To add to the look while protecting the skin against harsh winds and snow is the ever prevalent thigh-high boots we see across the collection spread.

We’re pretty sure we’re looking at a white jumpsuit, one that also seems to be a staple in this year’s holiday collections. Of course, those bare shoulders need to be protected somehow and the fur coat is making it’ comeback just in time to keep us warm this winter. Silver shoes are an interesting addition but the futuristic look is rather intriguing. We do like it, all in all.

If you’re thinking fab gift idea that will have your girlfriends laughing, there is a leopard print pyjama set, which is sure to spoil the inner cat in us. Actually a cat tuque would probably be a great addition, especially if your friends have the same sense of humour H&M does. Looks perfectly comfortable from this angle and we can’t way to snuggle in our very own “SPOILT” cat suit. Perhaps we have been a little spoilt after all!

H&M's Holiday 2014 Campaign Featuring Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett and Others

Funky sweaters and leather pants are killing us right now. We simply love it! It’s so perfectly retro, so fun and so absolutely inspiring! Honestly, who doesn’t want to be the rockstar sporting a panda on his or her sweater? Or maybe a reindeer bulldog stuck in snow is your idea of the picture-perfect knit. Whatever floats your boat, go for it!

Last but not least, no collection is complete for the fall/winter seasons without the infamous crop top sweaters and miniskirts! Of course, when you add black tights and chunky leather boots to the ensemble, you get a rather interesting female chic rockstar look. It might just make it worth your while to be wearing the leather skirt with bared midriff to that Christmas party. It’s definitely going to be making heads turn!

H&M's Holiday 2014 Campaign Featuring Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett and Others

Photos courtesy of H&M

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