How to Sneak Into a Fashion Show If You Don’t Have An Invitation

When the fashion weeks start their triumphant parade introducing the newest collections of the most popular designers and fashion houses, the number of people who want to get to those fashion shows increases immensely and appearing at a fashion show becomes the dream of every fashioniser! So getting an invitation is what most of them just can’t make live and this is one of the basic reasons why they generally miss the chance to realize their dream. However, here we are going to speak about the trickiest ways of getting to fashion shows without having an invitation!

How to Sneak Into a Fashion Show If You Don't Have An Invitation

Talking about fashion weeks we can say that attending them is the focus of most of the fashion bloggers, models, journalists, potential buyers, etc. Many of these people don’t even bother about the fashion show they happen to attend. The most important for them is to appear in the shots of the show and to have some champaign!

If you are a fashion blogger and still don’t know how to get invited to a fashion show, you just need to go to the official website of the brand, the show of which you want to attend. Register there as a press member. Another option is writing to individual designers and asking for invitations to their shows. It’s important to find the correct contact information of the designer and to present yourself in an impressive way, writing details about your blog and yourself.

It’s also important to write them in advance, as the preparations for the shows take time, and they may be too busy to send you an invitation. If your blog isn’t that famous yet, it’s better to start with less demanded fashion shows, where getting an invitation will be much easier than, for instance, for a Chanel show.

So if you desperately want to get to a fashion show without an invitation, you can, for instance, use the business card of one of your acquaintances, who is popular enough for a fashion show. Still, what you need to take into account is that the person you will turn to should not be too popular and well-known, so that everyone recognizes the name and tells you that’s not you! In addition, you may look around for some potentially open back doors that might lead you to the room where the show is going to take place or just ask the person checking the invitations to let you in, giving him a reason that’s serious and reasonable enough.

Another option is declaring that you are from a major media outlet, such as Women’s Wear Daily or Vogue. Make sure to sound natural and confident, also pay attention to your outfits, trying to look modern and trendy. The guards will hardly reject you, as they fear insulting someone important or losing a possible press hit.

You should also know that there is absolutely no check-in in the backstage entrances, so you can make it to the backstage and easily find your place in the front row straight from there.
You can also count on your luck, hoping that the guards checking the invitations might be distracted by something else for a second giving you the chance to quietly get in without being noticed! This does happen sometimes!

How to Sneak Into a Fashion Show If You Don't Have An Invitation
One more way to get to a fashion week show is working as an assistant for people, who do have invitations for such occasions. If you are lucky enough to have a job like this, you have the chance to get a business card to the places you dreamt about.

Still, if finding such a job is difficult for you, you can try to find an unpaid internship, especially immediately before the fashion week season starts. You may be a volunteer to work backstage, from where you can easily make it to the show.

Starting your personal blog is yet another options. Besides this is a fun way of getting recognition and earning extra money. Communicate with other fashion bloggers, and ask for advice. Build a strong and interesting fashion blog, and the designers themselves will notice you and send you invitations to their shows.

The results, however, are absolutely worth striving for, and what you will get appearing near the runway of the most popular fashion shows is the incredibly cool range of impressions, the chance to get in touch with the most popular and significant people of the fashion world, and to enjoy the fashion show right there beside the catwalk!

So go for your dream without fear and be confident and you will surely reach it!

Photos courtesy of Zimbio, Vogue UK

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