How to Wear a Pencil Skirt 7 Days a Week

There exist a myriad of garments and details that supposedly belong to this or that style and have even reached such a high level of popularity in that respect that they have become a sort of symbols for a particular type of dress code. The pencil skirt is one of those iconic pieces, characterizing the office looks with the most scrupulously fitting and exact definitions. It’s an ideal solution for any business meetings, conferences or just everyday looks. But still, along with these characteristic features, the pencil skirt can be used for a mass of other looks as well, and the versatility of this piece is what we are going to speak about right now. Check out our tips on how to wear a pencil skirt 7 days a week, creating any other style as well, besides elegant and classic chic looks!

How to Wear a Pencil Skirt 7 Days a Week

Day 1. The Ideal Image of a Business Lady

Thus, of course the very first type of image that can be created with the help of a pencil skirt is certainly that of a business lady. Having that classy and elegant something about it, the pencil skirt has become a universal variant of a garment that a business lady can start her busy working week with. If you are one, then you can make the image even more influential adding an elongated jacket to the looks too, which should of course have a shade that will create a harmonious combination with the skirt. As for white skirts, you can match them with black classy heels, a stripy top or one having a darker shade like black, and finishing all with a voluminous jacket. As for the skirts having floral prints, we should note the combinations with black and white tops and yellow outerwear pieces as the unfailingly successful options.

How to Wear a Pencil Skirt 7 Days a Week

Day 2. The Ethereal Black and White

The classiest and the most never-fading alternative for any piece including the pencil skirt is the combo of black and white. This works perfectly for pencil skirts as well. Still, it’s not about creating teen looks or leaving an impression of being a schoolgirl. It’s about coming up with innovative and chic suggestions and absolutely stunning interpretations with the traditional combos, too. Thus, you can, for instance, combine a floral pencil skirt adorned with a mysterious black background with a white top, more preferably a shirt, in order to have the most impeccable and chicest results. You can also experiment with the leopard prints, still not overdosing them and picking them as a pair of shoes, for instance.

How to Wear a Pencil Skirt 7 Days a Week

Day 3. Toning Down the Classy Extravaganza

If you ever combine a bold bottom with a strict and reserved top, you will immediately tone it down and create a counterbalance between those pieces. That’s why this is a great way of matching and wearing sophisticated prints, of course taking into account all the details like color palette and the mood. A bold pencil skirt will look really creative and chic with a strict shirt, a pair of creative open toe shoes and a furry handbag. If you have some prints and patterns of pastel tones, then you might need to match it with pieces like a mint top and beige shoes.

How to Wear a Pencil Skirt 7 Days a Week

Day 4. The Magic of Denim

Coming to universal and cool combinations, we simply can’t but speak about the uber-feminine and comfy denim skirts, being suitable for any occasion and situation. A pencil skirt made of denim encompasses all of those wonderful advantages, adding the fact that it may become an ideal option for your office looks, if you combine it with a simple and classy shirt and high heels, whereas you may also change the shirt with a T-shirt, heels with espadrilles, and go to meet the pleasure of enjoying everyone’s eyes on you. A denim skirt having all of these characteristic features may be matched with a denim shirt and classy shoes. Matching it with a checkered shirt and stiletto heels is another thing you may remember.

How to Wear a Pencil Skirt 7 Days a Week

Day 5. Total Chic and Glam

If a pencil skirt is what you are going to opt for to add a unique vibe to your evening looks then picking an all-glittery and chic variant with beads, sequins, or other type of sparkling materials covering the whole texture of the bottom is a good idea. Picking one single and big accessory for the look is also recommended. For the top extravagant options like golden skirts you can pick a white shirt, black open toe heels and a black clutch.

How to Wear a Pencil Skirt 7 Days a Week

Day 6. Let It Go Sporty

The sporty style is the following great source of creating some cool and fresh interpretations with the pencil skirt. Taking some sporty elements for combinations with pencil skirts you can get some really creative and wonderful results. The small proportions are of course recommended in terms of using the sporty vibes. And of course, one of the primary variants of the combinations with the sporty style and the pencil skirt is using a denim type of the latter and matching it with a bomber jacket with leather sleeves and a black shirt preserving the feel of sporty and classy combinations.

How to Wear a Pencil Skirt 7 Days a Week

Day 7. A Relaxing Atmosphere

If having rest to the full is your aim for the weekend, you can again organize all that not excluding the pencil skirt from your looks, either. Thus, you can combine it with a number of pieces from bold tops to comfy shoes more preferably flat variants creating a cool background for the flabbergasting outcomes and comfort. In addition, talking about the various forms of pencil skirts and various textures, we can also suggest matching a pencil skirt adorned with a lace texture or just embroidery with a white T-shirt and flat sandals. In addition, you can also match your pencil skirt adorned with a stripy pattern with cropped top and ballet flats.

How to Wear a Pencil Skirt 7 Days a Week

So do consider going for a pencil skirt for the most effective and stylish looks and you will really have a huge assortment of options and ideas for combinations especially for those days when you feel you need something sweet and fresh but can’t find it anywhere. Go for such combos and you will charm everyone with your impeccable looks!

Photos courtesy of Gary Pepper Girl, Tuula Vintage

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