Fresh Ideas for Wearing a Red Dress

Red dress has always been one of the most iconic symbols of feminine chic and charm, and has been serving as an irreplaceable means of accentuating the looks, be those meant for an evening out, a romantic date, or just a party. One more reason for its popularity is the universality of this piece, being suitable for any age and occasion. In addition, red dress is not for those, who always shun attention. In fact, those who put on red dresses automatically become the ones that differ from the crowd. This is also a cool and effective way of demonstrating your individuality and strong character, and just making a statement about your creativity and great taste. Thus, here we present fresh ideas for wearing a red dress and becoming the center of everyone’s attention!

Fresh Ideas for Wearing a Red Dress

If red is going to be your pick for an event in the near future, you’d better start your process of choice with finding out the shade of red that’s most suitable for you. What you need to remember is that the complexion and the skin tone is one of the most crucial factors for your choice, along with the tone of the hair. Those having darker skin tone should give their preference to warmer red shades close to wine red and cherry, while saturated tomato tones are the ideal solution for lighter skin tones.
Discussing how to wear a red dress we can also speak about the possible choices according to the occasion. The list will thus go as follows!

How to Wear an Evening Red Dress

Wearing a red dress for an evening out is one of the possible variants that you might appear to pick. The most essential thing that you need to remember for this case is that your red dress doesn’t absolutely need any accompaniments and additional details because it can perfectly catch everyone’s attention and gift you with unforgettable looks even without any special accessories or complementing elements. What you need to do is go for simpler combinations made of natural makeup and minimum of jewelry, only leaving the most expensive ones. Speaking about the jewels that match such looks, we can note the diamonds, emerald, and medium-sized pearls. The shoes should be unnoticeable but should also be on heels.

Fresh Ideas for Wearing a Red Dress

How to Wear a Cocktail Red Dress

Delicate accessories are what can turn a cocktail dress into a sweet and catchy piece of clothing. Closed shoes are the following necessary detail for cocktail red dresses, being of types like ballet flats or high heels. The makeup should not be too bright for the eyes and the lips at the same time, while the hairstyle should not be too attention grabbing. Thus if you want to go for red lipstick, be sure to match it with the shade of your dress picking an identical shade, at the same time getting the eye makeup catchiness to minimum. As for the hairstyle, you may gather the hair in a bun or other type of updo, with delicately styled and laid down locks.

How to Wear a Casual Red Dress

Coming to the casual looks, we may first of all note that a red dress will make your looks lively and energized. It’s perfect for office looks, but what you need to remember here is that such looks do not need additional explicitness. The length of office red dresses should be strictly cut on the level of the knee, and for less formal settings the lightly shorter alternatives will also do. The tulip or pencil types dresses will be ideal alternatives for this case.
As for picking some additional accents and details, we can suggest going for kerchiefs, belts, handbags, and shoes. You shouldn’t concentrate on picking some specific forms of shoes for these looks, but what you need to pay attention to is their color. The shade of any accessory you choose should not contradict the tone of your dress, but should be in harmony with it. Thus you may pick accessories of black, golden, white, and purple shades, as well as beige or black shoes.
Beige is one of the most suitable and effective shades for red pieces including dresses. It doesn’t attract attention and doesn’t overshadow the bright effect of the red dress. Just the opposite! It enters into nice color plays with the red shade and perfectly complements it.

Fresh Ideas for Wearing a Red Dress

How to Wear a Short Red Dress

As for the shorter alternatives of red dresses, we may first of all note the importance of details like hats, knots for hair, black knee-length socks, small cross-body handbags and sunglasses with wide frames. Big accessories are also suitable here, also including some effective necklaces and bracelets if necessary. Metallic alternatives can be a good way to pull off such looks. Still, red is a royal shade and any type of plastics and inexpensive materials are intolerable for matching the red dresses. In addition, you can also go for colorful or white accessories for your short and cute red dress, especially in summer and spring, leaving the darker tones options for fall and winter.

Fresh Ideas for Wearing a Red Dress

How to Wear a Long Red Dress

Finally, coming to longer variants of red dress we should state that these forms attract twice as much attention as the shorter options. The abundance of accessories will look provocative and at times even vulgar in this case, so you’d better avoid this. The extreme number of accessories also refers to the big number of expensive jewelry, the overall quantities of which should also be limited. The shoes you pick for your red dress should be matching the occasion, too. If you have the black dress code, you may pick open toe shoes of metallic or black shade, while in case there are no specific requirements you may pick flat leather sandals of similar shades.

These were the basic ways of wearing red dresses that you could look through and consider in case you have some important occasions or if you just want to have some fresh and beautiful looks. Opting for red dresses will nicely complement and enhance your looks, gifting them with an unforgettable and perfect effect.

Fresh Ideas for Wearing a Red Dress

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