Ilana Glazer & Phoebe Robinson Dropped Feminist Merch

Broad City’s Ilana Glazer and comedian Phoebe Robinson collaborated on something other than comedy. To celebrate their comedy tour, the two stars launched a merch collection. The comedians will join their forces on a comedy tour named YGY (Yaaas Queen Yaaas) starting from November 4 in Minnesota. Fans of the duo can rock the designs during the tour.

“The phrase “Yas Queen” originates from queer people of color in the 1980s, drag ball culture, and dat vogue-ing tip. It’s definitely trickled into the intersectional feminist movement today. We just want people to celebrate that!” Glazer explained.

Ilana Glazer & Phoebe Robinson Dropped Feminist Merch slogan tee

Ilana Glazer & Phoebe Robinson Dropped Feminist Merch

The actresses collaborated with the distinctive clothing brand Wildfang for their limited-edition merch. The feminist collection is a follow up of the feminist movement that entered the fashion world recently. Maria Grazia Chiuri brought feminism in fashion with the “We Should All Be Feminists” tee. The slogan tee turned into one of the most famous fashion items ever. Chiuri celebrated her values through a clothing piece and the fashion crowd sensed her honesty. Since then many brands started to incorporate feminist slogans in their collections. Ilana Glazer and Phoebe Robinson also wanted to bring inclusive clothes that people with different background stories can relate and wear them with confidence.

Ilana Glazer & Phoebe Robinson Dropped Feminist Merch cartoon tee

Ilana Glazer & Phoebe Robinson Dropped Feminist Merch cartoon tote

“We think bad bitches and gay boys and hot butch girls and proud feminist and even straight dudes are gonna rock the sh-t out of this merch. It’s a line for everybody,” the actresses noted.

Ilana is a curly haired Jewish woman and Phoebe is a black woman who wears size 8. To see such women lead a fashion campaign is a pretty rare thing. So, the actresses wanted to bring different types of looks in the fashion industry.

Ilana Glazer & Phoebe Robinson Dropped Feminist Merch

Ilana Glazer & Phoebe Robinson Dropped Feminist Merch notebook

The “Yaaas Queen Yaaas” collection includes t-shirts, bomber jackets, notebooks, tote bags, and hats. The pieces include cartoon-like versions of the two actresses. The attention-grabbing phrase is all over the collection. The satin bomber jacket has it on the back with bright baby pink letters. There is also a sweatshirt with the slogan written on the front in the same style.

Ilana Glazer & Phoebe Robinson Dropped Feminist Merch Yaaas Queen Yaaas jacket

Ilana Glazer & Phoebe Robinson Dropped Feminist Merch 8

This is a small collection but a huge step forward for more diversity in fashion. The collection is available to shop on Wildfang’s website. The comedy tour starts later this week, so you still have time to order some pieces. Expect a lot of attendees to rock Glazer and Robinson’s merch during their tour.

Photo Credit: Wildfang

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