Levi’s & Karla Welch Present Their Collab With Celeb Portrait Series

Karla Welch is a well-known name in the fashion industry. The stylist is behind many stellar red carpet looks and has worked with icons such as Tracee Ellis Ross, Lorde, Elizabeth Moss and Justin Bieber. Since only A-listers can afford to have Karla analyze their wardrobe and shape their style, the fashionista wanted to do something affordable for all of her fans. Levi’s tapped her to reinvent its iconic 501 jeans style. The brand it’s celebrating this timeless style with a star-studded campaign.

Karla is closely related to Levi’s 501 ever since her teenage years. Now she nurtures a recognizable tomboy style, but Levi’s iconic jeans were actually a part of developing her signature look. When she was 13 she stole her brother’s 501’s and immediately fell in love with them. This collab feels very special to her because these baggy jeans had a strong influence on her personal style.

Levis and Karla Present Their Collab With Celeb Portrait Series

Levis and Karla Present Their Collab With Celeb Portrait Series

The Levi’s x Karla capsule consists of nine pieces. The stylist offered a fresh perspective on the brand’s classic piece without making huge modifications. The main focus is on the versatility of this fashion item. The stylist wanted to put an accent on the freedom of styling and customization options that one has with the 501’s.

Levis and Karla Present Their Collab With Celeb Portrait Series

Levis and Karla Present Their Collab With Celeb Portrait Series

“It’s the ultimate customizable product: Everyone wears it in their own way, and it conforms to fit your body over time like no other jean. You can wear it sized up, sized down, ripped, patched, clean, and rigid. The 501 doesn’t tell you how to wear it. It’s all about how you express your personal style. That’s a timeless idea,” Levi Strauss’s CMO Jennifer Sey explained.

Levis and Karla Present Their Collab With Celeb Portrait Series

Levis and Karla Present Their Collab With Celeb Portrait Series

The campaign for the collaboration features a series of portraits of her celebrity clients. Hailey Baldwin, Amber Valletta, Amber Heard, SZA, Tracee Ellis Ross, Busy Phillips, Sarah Paulson and others are posed in pieces from the Levi’s x Karla collection. Although Levi’s 501 jeans are genderless, Karla tapped only ladies. The celebrities who star in the campaign are all her personal friends. She chose to shot the campaign with only women because she is a “staunch feminist”.

The Levi’s x Karla Collection includes pieces that cost from $150 to $450. There is also a charitable aspect to this collaboration. Levi’s will make a donation to the Everytown for Gun Safety support fund. The exact amount isn’t revealed yet, but according to the brand “it will be a flat donation that exceeds total U.S. profit.” The collection will drop on May 20.

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