Lovers + Friends Holiday 2014 Collection

It may be freezing during the holiday season but Frida Aasen is brazenly defying the frost to sport some Lovers + Friends holiday 2014 collection pieces. We’re not talking about just miniskirts or sleeveless dresses either. We are talking crop tops, uncovered legs, deep Vs and a whole lot of skin showing up. Not to say that it’s not sexy, perhaps we should be pointing out that there won’t be a single person in the room who does not gawk over the loveliness and bold designs of this particular line. Between skirts both fit and flared, long gowns that leave little to the imagination and lavish jumpsuits, Santa might just fall off his sleigh if we’re not careful!

Lovers + Friends Holiday 2014 Collection

We should probably start with mentioning that the model surely does the line justice. Her lush lips, cat eyes, perky nose and little heart shaped face make her the perfect candidate (much like a Barbie doll herself) to present these lovely fashions. Strapped in sexy heels and adorned with gold jewelry, Frida Aasen looks positively ravishing!

We are treated to quite a few designs using crop tops in the Lovers + Friends holiday 2014 collection, the first of which is lovely beyond words. A clubbing sensation it may be, but it also makes date night all the more intriguing. A crop sweater with a matching warm miniskirt paired with white ankle-strap heels certainly will leave hearts broken on the way.

Legs, legs and more legs seem to be the focus of this collection and we are not complaining. The Norwegian hottie has nothing to hide and we are more than happy to ogle the fashions she’s rocking down the Los Angeles streets. Of course, if she’s baring so much leg, it’s only right for the sleeves to be elbow-length and the neckline high. We wouldn’t want to be committing a fashion faux pas!

Lovers + Friends Holiday 2014 Collection

Lovers + Friends Holiday 2014 Collection

Red is the perfect holiday color and just because the neckline’s high doesn’t mean a dress cannot have cutouts around the chest to really emphasize the figure. It may be a mini, but this dress is by no means going for subtle modesty, particularly with its open back. Brazen and brash is probably more like it!

Enthralled, we watch this strapless little black dress with lacy ruffles hanging low on the arms instead of sleeves and the gorgeous lady wearing this masterpiece. It may be showing off a whole load of skin, particularly since the hem is barely at quarter thigh, but this piece is an enchanting delicacy we require. Strappy heels only add to the alluring effect and we absolutely love the simple addition of a choker as the only piece of adornment on the model’s exquisite figure.

Deep Vs at the neckline, particularly when it’s plunging near to the naval, have us truly enjoying this lovely evening dress. The gold-plated additions in terms of jewellery add to the appeal and mat the gold designs on the material covering part of the chest.

An open-back deep-V neckline white jumpsuit is exactly what it’s made out to be; posh and simply dazzling! It’s perfect for a getaway down to warmer weathers, representing style, comfort and a sexy backdrop, especially when coupled with strappy heels.

A little black dress that’s more like a crop top and miniskirt with a lace long-sleeved covering is most definitely on our must-have list for the season. We are mesmerized by the striking figure before us and simply loving the lace. It adds a demure angle to the otherwise revealing combination.

Lovers + Friends Holiday 2014 Collection

An A-line silver chrome print mini dress that’s part halter top and part crop, coupled with thick ankle-strapped heels, has us truly thinking this is an outstanding holiday outfit and we’d love to appear at the next party in this piece!

What’s an evening dress if not a printed deep V neck design with a slit up to mid-thigh? It’s perfect for a beach party and even better to remind us that while winter may be frosty, a trip down to the Caribbean might not be such a bad idea after all! It’s a lovely piece, rather appealing for the average woman, but most certainly would look better on the tall, leggy body figure.

And finally, just because we can’t get enough of the crop top, we cannot wait to add this outfit to our wardrobes. It’s sexy, classy and downright fashionable and we are absolutely loving it!

Lovers + Friends Holiday 2014 Collection

Photos courtesy of Lovers + Friends

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