Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 RTW Show Closes Out NYFW With Lady Gaga On the Runway

For his fall/winter 2016 ready-to-wear collection for New York Fashion Week, Marc Jacobs drastically switched from the upbeat and fun atmosphere of spring. Instead, he opted for a line that seemed to derive its inspiration from the likes of Lady Gaga and KISS, with the result being dark and goth. This show was the finale for New York Fashion Week fall 2016, and really made sure things ended with a bang. This was certainly one of the most enthralling, over-the-top showings for the week, so senses were likely shocked by anyone in attendance.

Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Collection

The show was chock-full of oversized outerwear and otherwise larger than life garments. From the sheen coming from the fabrics to the KISS-inspired makeup, if viewers had ever wondered what an upscale Hot Topic collection would look like, they don’t need to wonder any longer. Despite the boisterous theme, some looks actually were quite commercial and wearable. A deep blue floor-length slim-fitting coat could actually be quite elegant in another setting, even in spite of the grungy eyes painted onto the side.

Another interesting look was another floor-length blue coat, but this one was oversized, and featured blue fur on the arms, slightly resembling water wings. But the most striking thing about this ensemble wasn’t the garment itself, but rather the wearer. The look was modeled by Lady Gaga, who looked like she was dressed up for another day. The entire Marc Jacobs fall 2016 collection seemed tailor-made for the icon, so her presence was a perfect addition to this display. If she wasn’t in the show, it would have been shocking to not see her holding a prominent seat in the front row.

There’s not much to be said about the collection that the looks don’t already say for themselves. Regardless of what your personal opinions are about the show, you can’t deny that the looks exude power. They tell a story, and seeing this during NYFW would have been an experience rivaled to no other. The clothes were striking in their own way, and were given a purpose by casting Lady Gaga to wear them. Who else will be able to rock these looks is a matter we’ll find out when the looks are released for purchase, but until then, we can wonder how many items from the collection the singer will be ordering for her own wardrobe.

The shoes in this show were absolutely outrageous, and added to the overall experience Jacobs built up for the collection. The platforms on the shoes were astronomical, and made for some interesting overall silhouettes, although did look right at home on Lady Gaga’s frame. Viewers came to see a show, and they were greeted by something that was quite a show indeed; although it was likely a jarring display for those, who attended without knowing quite what to expect.

The Marc Jacobs fall 2016 fashion show was staged in a cavernous white room, with a large amount of space for the clothes to walk in the center. It was dimly lit, which provided an eerie atmosphere. To add on to that, the only sound present was a high-pitched bell, which rang at random intervals. Models walked down the center of a wide circle, before walking its circumference for the audience to see up close. Once the final look, the magnificent and darkly regal checkered cape with a train, walked the runway, the lights shut down before bringing the models around for their final spin. Marc Jacobs made his appearance, and thus brought down the curtain on New York Fashion Week fall 2016.

Photos courtesy of Vogue

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