Marc Jacobs x Anna Sui Exclusive Collab

Nothing excites us quite as much as collaborations do. From numerous celebrity beauty lines to fresh collections, it’s all about keeping things interesting this year. No one brings more anticipation to the table like Marc Jacobs does. The all-time favorite American designer knows exactly how to surprise his fans. Jacobs teamed up with another iconic New York designer to create a limited-edition collection. Anna Sui and Marc have been close friends for quite a while, so they finally decided to bless us with an exclusive line.

Marc Jacobs x Anna Sui Exclusive Collab (2)

“It’s a fun project that celebrates our dear friendship.”-Marc said. “Marc and I have been good friends for a very long time. I can’t believe it has taken us this long to collaborate. It was so much fun working on a project together,” Sui added.

The designer duo first met way back at the beginning of their careers and are both notable Parsons alumni. The two fashion geniuses are BFF’s, so to celebrate the long-term friendship they are now releasing a limited-edition capsule.

Marc Jacobs x Anna Sui Exclusive Collab grey sweatshirt Marc Jacobs x Anna Sui Exclusive Collab lavender tee

Both of the brands are extremely popular on the Japanese market. That is why you’ll see plenty of details that are influenced and are appealing to the Japanese audience. Color-blocking patterns, graphics, illustrations, and patches. It’s all about youthful, bold pieces that are also easy to wear. Since the line celebrates the designer’s friendship, they decided to feature super-cute caricatures of themselves. Marc’s iconic dog Neville is also a part of the drawings.

Marc Jacobs x Anna Sui Exclusive Collab cross-body bag Marc Jacobs x Anna Sui Exclusive Collab bag

We’re talking about a vibrant collection, made for all the girly girls out there. It features clothing, accessories, and bags. Mark and Anna used Will Broome’s illustrations and plastered them all over the clothing and accessories. The most dominant colors include black, grey, yellow, and of course, Anna’s favorite lavender. Broome is also the artist behind Marc’s Miss and Mister Jacobs characters.

Marc Jacobs x Anna Sui Exclusive Collab key chain ring Marc Jacobs x Anna Sui Exclusive Collab black sweatshirt

The capsule will offer fairly affordable prices. We’re not talking Target-affordable, but still a good price for a luxury collaboration. Prices start at $65 for the bag charms, $95 for the chic tees, $295 for the sweatshirts and $395 for the gorgeous cross-body bags. The pair of slip-on sneakers cost $225.

Marc Jacobs x Anna Sui Exclusive Collab sneakers Marc Jacobs x Anna Sui Exclusive Collab cross-body bag

The Marc Jacobs x Anna Sui collection made an official debut in Isetan, Japan on May 2. Two weeks later, it’s also coming worldwide. You can now shop all the goodies online at, and select Anna Sui stores. Everything is so cute and eye-catching that fans certainly won’t be able to stop at just one item.

Photo Credit: Marc Jacobs x Anna Sui

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