Max Mara Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

There is one reason why Max Mara is such a famous brand after so many years. Their perfect tailoring and minimalist designs never go out of style. The iconic 101801 coat from the brand just gets better each season. For Pre-Fall 2018, the luxury company upgraded their best-selling coat and gave it several new looks. Aside from that, the fashion house focused on separates which are both elegant and sophisticated.

Max Mara Pre-Fall 2018 Collection black maxi skirt black coat

Max Mara Pre-Fall 2018 Collection gray coat black skirt

Max Mara’s creative director Ian Griffiths studied architectural design before his career in fashion. Very often he finds inspiration in buildings and sights. This time it was the photographs of Yasuhiro Ishimoto. The iconic photographer has a collection of black and white pictures from the inside of the Katsura Imperial Villa. The style of the interior perfectly matches with Ian’s neat tailoring, straight lines, and confident cuts. So the connection is more than obvious.

Max Mara Pre-Fall 2018 Collection ivory long blouse pants

Max Mara Pre-Fall 2018 Collection navy pants blazer

Griffiths showed several different styles from the iconic 101801. The original design of the coat dates back from 1981 when debuted as a classic double-breasted coat with kimono sleeves. Throughout the years the brand worked on introducing many upgrades from this outwear piece. It stayed their best-selling product to this day. You will often see A-listers flaunting it as a part of their polished outfits.

That is why the brand decided to include them once again in their latest collection. Ian re-worked the stylish design into A-line coats, pea winter double-breasted looks and chic belted redingotes. All of these coats are slightly oversized and made of high-end cashmere wool. You can only invest in one and wear it for the rest of your life since they never go out of style.

Max Mara Pre-Fall 2018 Collection black long coat

Max Mara Pre-Fall 2018 Collection ivory long coat skirt top

For Pre-Fall 2018, Ian presented mostly monochromatic looks. His color palette was sized down to only several colors. And these are shades that you always need in your wardrobe. Max Mara’s creative director focused on the classy black, camel, navy and ivory tones. These monochromatic looks have a tendency to sound boring sometimes. But that is not the case with Max Mara. All of the designs radiate with elegance and feature charming details to get you out of the comfort zone. To some of the pieces, Griffiths added frills, to other wide belts at the waist or statement bags.
Max Mara Pre-Fall 2018 Collection camel coat pants

Max Mara Pre-Fall 2018 Collection black leather trench coat blazer pants

Max Mara Pre-Fall 2018 Collection navy sweater maxi skirt

Another thing you will find very flattering is the gorgeous evening dresses that Griffiths showed. They are minimalist but alluring. He accessorized most of the looks with trendy gloves, ankle socks, and chic bags. In this collection, you will see all of the essentials a fashionable lady needs for pre-fall.
Max Mara Pre-Fall 2018 Collection black sheer dress

Max Mara Pre-Fall 2018 Collection black midi dress

Photo Credit: Max Mara

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