Milan Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Fashion Inspiration

The Milan Fashion Week spring 2017 edition was particularly standout in terms of both upcoming fashion trends and street style, with uncountable numbers of outfit inspirations overwhelming us both on the streets and on the runway shows. Already considered by many as the re-birth of the powerful Milan Fashion Week, this spring 2017 MFW was, in fact, an ode to fashion as one of the most multifaceted forms of art, with inspirations ranging from ultra bon-ton styles to purely Nineties-inspired ones.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Looks

The best part regarding the Milan Fashion Week spring 2017 street style was to be found, however, in its pro-active approach to the trends displayed during the shows.

As seen in most of the street style pictures our feeds got overloaded with, the fashionistas, bloggers, journalists and Vogue Japan’s editor-at-large and creative consultant (Anna dello Russo will always be the queen of street style!) somehow managed to translate the trends, patterns and motifs they saw during the runway shows, to their street style looks, of course filtering everything through an innately polished Italian style lens.

While the New York and London Fashion Week spring 2017 street style treated us to high-fashion-meets-urbanity and preppy-meets-punk-rock styles accordingly, this MFW street fashion served as an extremely well-polished frivolity we yet had to see, with tons of inspiration for you up until November, if you are not living in a super-cold country!

Logos Aplenty

The first thing that we noticed while browsing through the pictures from this MFW was that almost everyone featured visible logos somewhere in their outfit, whether that was on a sweatshirt or a purse. The visible logos, which have been actually invisible for a few years now, abruptly came back into fashion earlier this year, with the spring/summer 2016 fashion trends bringing many Nineties-inspired stapled onstage, including logos aplenty.

Such logos also led many fashionistas to sport statement jewelry and tees embellished with graphic patterns, along with staples adorned with contrasting designs, such as flowers, animal motifs and stripes.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Looks

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Looks

Gucci, Gucci, and Gucci

Among such logos, the ones we managed to catch sight of the most were Gucci’s. Gucci, whose sales are slowly yet steadily increasing under Alessandro Michele’s direction, is officially back again on track as the indisputable King of Italian fashion, with more and more fashion enthusiasts choosing its must-have staples as their timeless essentials.

The street style looks from Milan Fashion Week were thus mainly Gucci-infused, with especially purses and varsity jackets dominating the scene. We bet that, given how successful and well-praised the latest Gucci spring/summer 2017 collection was, next year will be full of Gucci staples too.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Looks

Eighties-Inspired Jackets

Although not entirely Eighties-inspired, except for the SS 2017 collection of Dsquared2, the Milan Fashion Week’s runway shows all featured slightly Eighties-infused vibes. That was often translated to majorette jackets with puffed-up shoulders and cloth belts on the waists, which in return gave those who were attending the shows some intriguing outfit ideas.

Gigi Hadid’s Tommy Hilfiger majorette style from NYFW surely had something to do with that, as the New York and Milan Fashion Weeks are often intertwined with one another.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Looks

Furry Details and Chunky Ankle Boots

With Gucci and Karl Lagerfeld bringing furry details back into fashion earlier this year, we were not surprised to see the Milanese streets filled with furry shoes, key chains and quirky appliqués.

Such furry details certainly gave the street style a sort of more haute couture-inspired allure, with chunky ankle boots and sandals naturally complementing the looks. Interestingly, the chunky heels were seen in both monochrome and printed designs, with the latter catapulting us back to the mid Seventies.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Looks

Statement Coats

As seen in the London Fashion Week, oversized coats were at the core of the MFW spring 2017 street style looks too, with classic trench coats being alternated with more casual ones, often in denim.

Paired with everything from bon-ton staples to Nineties-inspired denim proposals, the long, oversized coats were an absolute must throughout this fashion week, especially during the rainy and colder days (the temperatures were almost always high, especially during noon, but got colder as the hours went by).

The coat also enhanced one of the latest runway shows’ main motifs, which we will likely see throughout the last months of 2016 and then in 2017: utilitarianism.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Looks

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Looks

Street Style As Interpreted by Anna dello Russo

Whenever it’s September and we are approaching the MFW, everybody starts wondering what Anna dello Russo is going to wear. Unique and eccentric, Vogue Japan’s editor-at-large is not afraid to dare with fashion and, while daring, also nailing the best (exaggerated) versions of this whole ‘street style thing’. This time around, she particularly focused on bold colors and frilly looks, which were at the core of most of the collections unveiled, too.

As usual, she predicted all the major spring 2017 trends form the shows!

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Looks

Photos courtesy of Buro247, Fashionista, The Blonde Salad

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