Missoni Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

Missoni was in a street mood for Pre-Fall 2018. But not in that edgy type of mood you often see on the streets brought by the young fashion crowd. It’s a timeless and free-flowing spirit kind of mood. Many brands are embracing the streetwear lately, but they feel a bit exclusive to the youngsters. Angela Missoni, on the other hand, dresses all generations of women. The effortless style of the New York women served as an inspiration for Missoni Pre-Fall 2018 collection. The brand’s latest offerings carry the vibe of a lady who likes to layer and mix and match new pieces with vintage pieces from her wardrobe.

Missoni Pre Fall 2018 Collection knitted outfit

Missoni Pre Fall 2018 Collection knitted outfit

Missoni will be 65 years old in 2018, but Angela Missoni seems to have all the brand’s collections in mind. No need to remind herself of what has been there before or look at too many references. She knows her family label very well.

Missoni Pre Fall 2018 Collection knitted outfit

Missoni Pre Fall 2018 Collection knitted outfit

“I have very clear memories from when I was 5 years old of, say, buttons of a specific shape, or trimmings made just so, or of shoes of a certain leather, of makeup and wigs from a precise collection. Our archive is just my life! Angela explains.

Missoni Pre Fall 2018 Collection plaid coat

Missoni Pre Fall 2018 Collection knitted outfit

Since 2018 is an anniversary year for Missoni, the designer wanted to embrace elements that the brand is best known of as well as add a new story to refresh its image. There were the brand’s signature multicolored zig-zag knitwear and psychedelic patterns that date from the time her parents designed for the label. Angela Missoni also presented a new attitude through the logo jogging pants and other logo infused pieces. Missoni is far from athleisure, but the jogging pants gave the ensembles a sporty vibe.

Missoni Pre Fall 2018 Collection zig zag knittwear

Missoni Pre Fall 2018 Collection knitted cardigan and jogging pants

The Missoni Pre-Fall 2018 collection takes cues from the ’70s which you can see in the relaxed flared trousers and multicolored maxi knitted wool dresses. Missoni has always been about vibrant colors. That element is still present in Pre-Fall 2018 in every piece from the collection. If you are a fan of solid pieces look somewhere else, because Missoni has nothing but show-stopping colorful ensembles to offer.

Missoni Pre Fall 2018 Collection maxi dress

Missoni Pre Fall 2018 Collection knitted outfit

As a knitwear brand, Missoni knows how to keep you warm. Coats took cues from luxury bathrobes and kept up with the energetic color level of the collection. There are also cozy knitted cardigans which can be a great alternative to coats when it’s not crazy cold outside. You can layer them underneath a coat or a jacket when the weather has no mercy. One thing is for sure: at whatever weather Missoni will keep your body and soul warm.

Missoni Pre Fall 2018 Collection oversized coat

Missoni Pre Fall 2018 Collection knitted outfit

Photo Credit: Missoni

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