Moncler Opens MFW with 8 Collaborative Collections

Moncler opened the Milan Fashion Week this season a day earlier than usual while London Fashion Week‘s shows were still running. Anyway, the lifestyle brand mostly known for its jackets couldn’t hold the exciting new drops any longer. Moncler’s owner, Remo Ruffini is relaunching his brand with a bold move. The entrepreneur managed to turn this once nearly bankrupt brand into a multibillion-dollar business by now. In the sea of designer collaborations, Ruffini is going big. He broke years of tradition and opened the MFW (usually Gucci is the fashion week opener) and presented 8 exciting collaborations with high-end designers.

Moncler Opens MFW with 8 collaborative collections Moncler x Pierpaolo Piccioli
Photo Credit: Moncler x Pierpaolo Piccioli
Moncler Opens MFW with 8 collaborative collections Moncler x Palm Angels
Photo Credit: Moncler x Palm Angels

The sportswear brand teamed up with Valentino‘s Pierpaolo Piccioli, the British menswear designer Craig Green, streetwear label Palm Angels, as well as designers Simone Rocha, Kei Ninomiya, and Hiroshi Fujiwara. Moncler’s lines Grenoble and 1952 were also a feast for the eyes. The show consisted of 8 mini collections presented at what the brand dubbed Moncler Genius Building. In fact, the entire project carries the name Genius Group. Apparently, Remo Ruffini wasn’t satisfied with one buzzy collaboration between his Moncler and another famous brand. He is on a mission to change the way brands collaborate in the future with bringing diverse drops, one at a time on a monthly basis.

Moncler Opens MFW with 8 collaborative collections Moncler 1952
Photo Credit: Moncler 1952
Moncler Opens MFW with 8 collaborative collections Moncler Grenoble
Photo Credit: Moncler Grenoble

Every one of the eight collections carries a different vibe and style. Moncler’s infamous jackets got revamped to the liking of each of the designers. Pierpaolo Piccioli thought of the Valentino’s shopper while designing his pieces for Moncler. His puffer coats reminiscent of haute couture dresses. The designer offered mile-long A-line coats and capes. Simona Rocha brought her mysterious romance at Moncler in the form of warm jackets and dresses with floral and ruffle details. Next, Craig Green presented monochromatic futuristic full-length jackets. Noir Kei Ninomiya designed only all-black, but insanely chic designs. Hiroshi Fujiwara didn’t miss the chance to keep up with the latest trends using Moncler’s logo and his Fragment one in the collaborative collection. Unlike some of the other collaborations, his offerings were very wearable. Additionally, Palm Angels offered jackets, tees and other sporty pieces in their street-ready aesthetic. The brand embraced its logo and included some cool slogans in its collection for Moncler.

Moncler Opens MFW with 8 collaborative collections Moncler x Simone Rocha
Photo Credit: Moncler x Simone Rocha
Moncler Opens MFW with 8 collaborative collections Moncler x Craig Green
Photo Credit: Moncler x Craig Green

Moncler’s Grenoble collection was the highlight of the show representing the romantic side of heavy skiwear. Insanely gorgeous floral patterns were all over these winter pieces. The Moncler 1952 collection, on the other hand, was filled with vibrant colors and elevated sporty pieces the young street crowd will love.

Moncler Opens MFW with 8 collaborative collections Noir Kei Ninomiya
Photo Credit: Noir Kei Ninomiya
Moncler Opens MFW with 8 collaborative collections Moncler 1952
Photo Credit: Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara

The launch of the Genius Group marks the end of Moncler’s former structure. The brand’s Gamme Rouge and Gamme Bleu shows are now replaced with this updated collaboration-packed format.

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