New York Fashion Week Fall 2017 Street Style Inspiration

If we had to describe this past New York Fashion Week fall 2017 with just one world, we should definitely use the adjective “inspiring”. Profoundly groundbreaking in terms of both art and politics, New York Fashion Week’s main patterns were inevitably transposed to street fashion, with both intricately structured outfits, and empowering patterns dominating the streets.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2017 Street Style

As a result, the focal point around which the biggest street style looks revolved were mostly dichotomist, with high and low combos effortlessly prevailing and creating a new kind of street style.

Whether you are already into unconventional street wear looks, or you are just looking for some cool sources of inspiration to wave goodbye to winter with a bang, here you have the best street style looks from New York Fashion Week fall 2017!

At New York Fashion Week, It Was Winter Indeed!

Whether it is September or February, we are always used to seeing fashionistas and it-girls sporting more springtime-approved staples, especially if the Fashion Weeks are those held in Paris and Milan. For this NYFW, however, the various street-style fashions were definitely more winter-approved, with big coats, quilted jackets and anoraks being worn aplenty and becoming the sole protagonists. With their figures often exaggerated, many were the belts cinched at the waists to balance the silhouettes, a trend that will keep on being strong all year long, too.

Winter jackets aside, the streets of New York were also filled with it-girls dressed in nothing but unconventional tracksuits, which are one of the biggest comebacks of the year.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2017 Street Style

New York Velvet Week

Street style is often synonymous with unconventionality, which means that the most wearable trends are often translated to their maximum aesthetics. For these reasons, those who are particularly fond of velvet, decided to celebrate their love for the fabric by juxtaposing layers of velvet all together, taking us on a trip down memory lane and letting us feel the upcoming Nineties-inspired vibes already.

New York Furry Week

Like velvet, fur was one of this exciting New York Fashion Week’s most recurring patterns too, with most of the fur used actually being eco-friendly. All of the furry jackets, coats and accessories helped radiate cozy, warm vibes throughout the week, making the streets of New York welcoming and familiar indeed.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2017 Street Style

Flared Cuts and Rainbow Colors

What came as rather unexpected was, however, the juxtaposition of ultra-jocose motifs, such as multi-colored patterns, as well as more lightweight flared cuts on the sleeves, trousers and denim designs, on the heavyweight coats and blazers. While the multi-colored designs were only a taste of what’s to come in the spring/summer season, the flared lines will ride high the wave of fashion both during springtime and next wintertime, too.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2017 Street Style

These Boots Are Made for Walking

Number one accessories for this New York Fashion Week were the boots, especially refined with chucky, printed heels and cut-outs in the upper sole. Comfy yet fancy, the fashionistas wore them with literally everything, from elegant dresses to even track pants, reinforcing the whole contrasting look that was the core of the entire fashion week’s street style.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2017 Street Style

Total Blacks

Although the majority of the outfits included staples dipped into at least three different shades, some it-girls favored total-black looks over the multi-colored ones, alternating sleek black fabrics with black see-through ones. Mesh inserts were to be found too, with the fishnet stockings already being one of Instagram’s most re-posted fashion items of 2017.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2017 Street Style

Photos courtesy of Livingly

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