New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Best Street Style Moments

New York Fashion Week came with another range of super fabulous and cool alternatives and these pieces were not only those introduced during the fashion shows. In fact, the looks that we could observe with the guests and those who were around during New York fashion shows were just as noteworthy and significant, building up New York Fashion Week spring 2015 best street style fashion. The best thing about fashion weeks in general is the endless creativity and uniqueness when it comes to the looks of the famous It girls, celebrities and fashion bloggers, who try to conquer the streets with their uber-memorable and one-of-a-kind outfits. The list of the looks included really diverse and uber fabulous alternatives that you might think of, starting from crop tops and classic black and white combos and continuing with the impressive and memorable ways of using denim pieces in combinations. So if we were to point out a list of the best NYFW spring 2015 street style looks, it would probably look like this!

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Best Street Style Moments
White relaxed shirt plus black leather knee length skirt. So this is one of the curious looks that we would like to speak about. This combination holds the synthesis of classic and modern coming with the relaxed sleeves and the text print of the top and the knee length skirt with full design matched with a comfy classy handbag and high-heeled sandals.
Another all-sporty combination features the match of denim boyfriend jeans, a classy white elongated jacket and a sporty bandeau all finished off with the interesting probably ethnic-inspired small handbag.
For mixes of ultra-feminine with sporty we can also note the combos of the orange suit and pants matched with the sporty white sneakers for the total glam. What made this combo especially unique and creative was the fringed handbag also adorned with some beads and metallic details for completion.

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Best Street Style Moments
The ultra-girly look of Eleonora Carisi was secured with the flare skirt matched with a relaxed and slightly vintage inspired top with a bow collar and some overall quite curiously picked design patterns, all putting the combo into the overall color palette of black, white, and red.
The range of crop tops also gets expanded further adding the black, white, and red knitted alternatives to the list, which come matched with the boyfriend jeans with cuffed finishes and the sassy ankle strap coral heels, which match the curious red handbag ideally.
For minimalistic and interesting solutions you can also have a look at Aimee Song’s impressive jumpsuit-like piece, coming with the luxurious black silk texture adorned with the plunge V-curve for the front and the classy minimalistic boots. This is the case of matching femininity and minimalism with the chicest way possible.

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Best Street Style Moments
Monochrome suggestions are not missing from the main list either, and one of the greatest examples is the mishmash of the transparency adorned top with the straight skirt having some hints of minimalism and coming with the pure white shade matching the black of the handbag and the shoes perfectly.
For more abstracted and extravagant looks we also have the alternative of the red minidress coming with the design appliques of black and light blue for the sides and carrying overall minimalistic and effortless design elements as such. The classic handbag still manages to preserve the proportion of the classic in the combo.
Transparency plays were what could be used for monochrome white looks with the highest efficiency. So this was applied in case of Elizabeth Minett’s look, which came with the shite shirt and the white skirt, the latter having a layer of semi-transparent fishnet-like texture for matching the pleated second layer ideally. The small crossbody handbag was what this combo needed most of all especially with the black Oxfords.
Finally, we can’t but also speak about the sporty pieces like denim jumpsuits, which came with ripped design details and were completed with pieces like stripe asymmetrical tops all eventually paired with the pointier multi-strapped black Valentino shoes adorned with metallic details for absolute glam.

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Best Street Style Moments
However, Nicole Warne’s enigmatic black can’t be compared with anything else, since it comes with such creative solutions as the pleated top designed with a super long layer covering the whole length of the floor length skirt it comes matched with, leaving the final touches of the floral squared handbag and the golden design details with minimal proportions.
For the sunny and colorful solutions you can also have a look at the combo of the white overall matched with the colorful checkered jacket and the classy hat finished off with the sporty blue sneakers and the mirrored sunglasses.
The totally ethnic inspired looks were, of course, made with a lot of colors, fringes, and knitted looks, coming from small pieces to whole floor length garments never losing their warmness and cute looks like it is in case of the red dress of Shea Marie having the tone plays of red as the key design.

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Best Street Style Moments

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Best Street Style Moments
Platform boots with starry patterns matched with the fringed handbag and the black and white combo where the T-shirt for the white side had the relaxed shapes and the skirt of the black tone carried the classic A-line for the mini length. The cool sunglasses with visible and big frames of brownish shade are also there for the stylish feel.
Finally, it’s about the pure checkered patterns put for straight miniskirt and the stripes for the ultra-classic shirt, coming with the greatest combos possible, adding the fringed handbag and the red-framed sunglasses for absolute perfection, not speaking about the killer golden and white heels.

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Best Street Style Moments

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Best Street Style Moments
In line with bright cartoon inspired looks and cute textured and monochrome outfits, we saw lots of sporty vibes, daring cuts, fringes, cool patterns, colors and interesting textures. No wonder, NYFW spring 2015 street style was a big success, just like the collections unveiled there. So have a look at these personality-filled looks and get inspired from these creative and great combos adding some new style options to your own street style list!

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Best Street Style Moments

Photos courtesy of Fashionising

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