Oscar de la Renta’s Wedding Dresses: Spring 2018

Oscar de la Renta’s bride is elegant, feminine and glamorous. For their first bridal collection as co-creative directors, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia wanted to keep the recognizable spirit of the brand. They paid homage to the late legendary designer by reinventing his most popular elements in bridal gowns. Take a look at the video to see the collection.

Some of the designs were the typical bridal dresses that every bride dreams of. The same ones that make you feel like a real-life Cinderella. Laura and Fernando stole the accurate and precise cuts from Oscar but added their signature touch of contemporary. The voluminous tulle made the dresses graceful and chic at the same time.

One of the most amazing elements in Oscar de la Renta line is the floral details. The designer was obsessed with blooms and involved them very often in his work. Laura and Fernando included them in the bridal collection. According to them, florals are essential for a glamorous de la Renta gown.

Oscar de la Renta's Wedding Dresses Spring 2018 tulle gown, voluminous strapless gown
Photo Credit: Alyssa Greenberg

Oscar de la Renta’s bride is not only obsessed with gorgeous dresses. She also loves contemporary choices such as jumpsuits and chic ensembles. One of the highlights in the collection is a jumpsuit that features a stunning lace bodice. It was accessorized with a bow in the back.

Oscar de la Renta's Wedding Dresses Spring 2018 jumpsuit
Photo Credit: Oscar de la Renta/Jonathan Lopez-Espinoza

“We made sure that the collection looked true Oscar, it had typical Oscar-isms, the bows, the sashes. I guess unconventional ways that are exciting for the house, like in jumpsuits and a little homage to Sarah Jessica Parker’s Met Ball moment when she had the signature worn with a denim jacket. We’re catering to all brides and Oscar brides and adding a new, fun, irreverent girl to the mix. A lot of plunging V-necklines, which is a very Oscar trade, everything is garden oriented because he loved gardening.”- Fernando explained.

The Sarah Jessica Parker-inspired dress is the standout piece in the Spring 2018 collection. It also very much reminds of the iconic tulle dress that Carrie Bradshaw wore in “Sex and the City”. The chic bridal gown features a voluminous tulle skirt signed with the brand’s logo. The top part is a simple white shirt. Kim and Garcia added a cute bow on the waist to tone down the edgy vibe. Another unexpected thing is the denim white jacket that is paired with the dress. The whole look was completed with a necklace that says “Just Married” and striking bejeweled rings.

Oscar de la Renta's Wedding Dresses Spring 2018 tulle gown denim white jacket
Photo Credit: Robin Bianca

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