& Other Stories Teams Up With Zana Bayne To Launch a Leather-Driven Collection

Swedish fashion brand & Other Stories showed its glamour and glitz via sparkling knits when it teamed up for a collection with Rodarte, and now it has moved on to work with Zana Bayne, a design house that specializes in artisanal leather. Zana Bayne is best known by its association with pop superstar Beyoncé, who goes to the brand with all of her leather accessory needs – Bayne is especially known for its harnesses, putting its intent right in line with the singer’s. You can find her in Bayne looks in some of her major performances, like in her new Lemonade video, and at the Super Bowl half-time show.

& Other Stories x Zana Bayne Collection

Bayne as a designer began her fashion trek with a personal blog, before later creating a leather harness line and opening the eponymous business back in 2010. Collaborations under the brand’s belt includes collections with Prabal Gurung, for accessories, and Marc Jacobs, for its rather scandalous Valentine’s Day capsule collection; there have been other, less prominent collaborations as well.

The leap for & Other Stories from Rodarte to the latter designer is a rather drastic one when looking at the bare-bones skeleton of each brand, but looking closer just shows that each new collaboration highlights a side of the retailer. Working with Zana Bane will bring an edgy harshness to the designs in this collection and for other seasons and collections to come for the retailer.

The resulting collection of the Zana Bayne x Rodarte collaboration will become available from & Other Stories’ website and select locations; it will consist of 30 pieces, like staple trendy accessories of today, like chokers (which made a rather surprising comeback), a sexy leather bustier, and other of Bayne’s signature work that will carry the name of the maker anywhere it is worn. Designed by the team at & Other Stores, the collection will also stretch out to include ready-to-wear clothing. The motion of design was, naturally, led by Bayne, alongside Todd Pendu, the co-creative director of the label. The looks will be influenced by the accessories, which is generally quite the opposite of the norm for the fashion industry.

The Bayne label, which is based out of New York, is looking to collaborate with new designers in order to expand its client database by reaching a greater audience. Bayne will always stand by her leather accessory styles, which may not be totally understood by those who have not worn them before, but she hopes to make believers out of everyone, in a sense. “We set out to create a leather collection for modern women, juxtaposing the hard and soft throughout, taking pieces such as the leather harness out of its connotations and making it an elegant accessory for layering over any wardrobes in all types of occasion,” the designer said in a press release.

We’re rather sad this news release doesn’t bear more designs, but from the first glimpses of the Bayne x & Other Stories collection, we see smooth leather, and we know we’re in for an edgy autumn collection. You can expect to pay anywhere between $29 and $245 for a piece in this collection, so we’re giving you proper warning now so you can begin to save your pennies. If there’s anyone who’s going to give leather its true potential it’s going to Bayne, and it will explode from this partnership, so we’ll be keeping our eyes glued.

Photo courtesy of & Other Stories

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