Street Style Trends from Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017

Every Fashion Week features a signature street style, each one of which, in return, treats us to covetable street fashion trends one cannot help but fall in love with. Filled with fashion moments that will surely go down in history, such as Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Dior debut, this Paris Fashion Week was probably the most daring in terms of fashion trends. Those who attended the shows were, in fact, neither too afraid to express their political views through graphic t-shirts, nor too shy when it came to combining completely different patterns together.

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Trends

With the Paris Fashion Week being the last one in line, and coming right after the urban-chic Milan Fashion Week, Parisians find often themselves in the position of being precursors of the upcoming season’s main trends, as they always try to creatively recreate the looks they admired the most during the previous Fashion Week runway shows.

Down the streets of Paris, the fashion bloggers, journalists, stylists and fashion enthusiasts, who showed off their personalities, perfectly combined the NYFW street style’s punk and cosmopolitan allure with the LFW’s alternative and suburban touch, and the MFW’s polished elegance, of course, brilliantly filtering everything through a très chic lens à la français.

Get ready to be overwhelmed with the major Paris Fashion Week spring 2017 street style outfit inspirations!

When Street Fashion Becomes Structural

With some of the New York, London and Milan Fashion Weeks’ major trends being all about structured and oversized cuts, Paris street style couldn’t, of course, exempt itself from interpreting the trend in its most unique way. It was thus extremely easy to catch a glimpse of exaggerated butterfly sleeves and structured sleeves, which got often utilized to keep the fashionistas warm with oversized kimono jackets and ponchos.

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Trends

Cascades of Layered Frills and Pleats

Whether it was just a pleated bib embellishment on a shirt or a dress entirely made of layered frills, this PFW street style went heavy on the art of layering, proving one doesn’t need to be extremely tall and slender to rock a layered frock. As for the pleats, as seen on the runway shows as well, most of those who attended the shows opted for pleated midi skirts, which inevitably gave street style a more romantic name.

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Trends

Comme des Garçons (Literally)

While many were channeling super fancy oversized cardigans and kimonos and layered floor-length dresses, others were keeping up with one of Paris’ most innovative and visionary styles, namely androgyny.

Double and single-breasted mannish jackets were one of this PFW street style’s must-have trends, especially when paired with more feminine staples. Many did, however, still channel full-loaded mannish looks, with gorgeously tailored suits paying homage to the king of women’s suits – French designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Trends

Never-Ending Legs and Hourglass Figures

Aside from being the birthplace of the woman’s suit, France is also one of the places where miniskirts became instantly trendy back in the Sixties. Wearing a miniskirt might not be a political statement in Paris anymore, but is still a fashion statement. Either in leather or denim, the PFW street style’s miniskirts were basically always high-wasted, at times even wrapped, enhancing the waistline while also elongating the legs.

Miniskirts were, however, not the only It-items, the purpose of which was highlighting the waists. As seen in almost every single runway show, belts cinched at the waists were at the core of this PFW, and we bet they will ride high on the earth of fashion during this fall/winter 2016-17 season, too.

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Trends

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Trends

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Trends

Why Go Small, When You Can Go Big?

Parisians love printed designs. Whether it’s animal patterns or bold statement prints on plain white t-shirts, you will always see someone showing off their best printed jacket, skirt or shirt.

This year, however, things went even bigger, with completely different patterns, as well as colors, coming combined with one another. As a result, we often caught sight of floral embroideries paired with abstract motifs, or even wide, bright stripes combined with elegant retro designs. After all, nobody ever said we should only wear one print at a time!

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Trends

Mini Gucci, Maxi Chloé!

Among all of the patterns, Gucci’s were surely the most featured. Alessandro Michele’s creations were not, however, only to be seen in the varsity and bomber jackets, shirts and skirts. The streets of Paris were literally full of Gucci’s mini handbags and medium shoulder bags, a trend that will likely keep on claiming fashion victims in the months to come, too.

Other than Gucci’s designs, Chloé’s It-bags were among the mostly featured too, with the Faye bag being the ultimate must have. Aside from Gucci’s and Chloé’s arm candies, however, we might fairly state that bags were the sole protagonists in the streets, as they often were the It-items around which many outfits were created.

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Trends

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Trends

Statement Shoes

Last but not least, it is extremely interesting to point out how carefully and skillfully many Parisians managed to combine bold, delicate statement jewelry, and ‘imposing’ shoes with equally demanding outfits. Quirky furry loafers, (sub)urban-chic creepers, fur chains and patches complemented almost every single outfit, encouraging us to never underestimate the power of fashion, and to never be afraid of expressing our whimsical personalities through it!

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Trends

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Trends

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 Street Style Trends

Photos courtesy of Buro 247, The Blonde Salad

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