RED Valentino Fall/Winter 2016-2017 RTW – NYFW

I personally believe there are two different kinds of people: those who love Zoolander to death, knowing all the script almost verbatim, and those who don’t. I definitely belong to the first category, so you can now imagine how excited I was to finally see the RED Valentino fall/winter 2016-2017 ready-to-wear collection unveiled for this New York Fashion Week. Following Red’s famous sophisticated lines and refined cuts, the label’s creative directors focused on a contemporary theme, creating a grand number of 64 looks that could appeal almost to anyone.

RED Valentino Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 RTW - NYFW

Travel and exploration, “in the world and on the web,” as Maria Grazia Chiuri later clarified, were the main themes in the RED Valentino FW 2016-17 collection, through which both she and fellow colleague Pierpaolo Piccioli promoted love-infused slogans such as ‘tenderness’, ‘fantastic’ and ‘emotions’. Such a choice could be linked to a sort of ‘surfing the net’ exploration, as we all know how dear it is for the many Instagrammers and It-girls, who are very much active on the social media, to pose with graphic staples and more generally refined pieces of clothing (not for nothing, Valentino is now under a never-seen-before media blitz thanks to the role in the long-awaited Zooander 2).

If surfing the Internet or at least posting pictures on Instagram is not your thing, you could at least go surfing with RED Valentino’s navy-inspired looks, to which Chiuri and Piccioli dedicated a bunch of well-tailored pieces that include high-waist denim shorts, must-have navy jackets and frilled-hem short overalls with golden buttons and lace embroideries that are basically to die for. To spice things up, Chiuri and Piccioli opted for little, yet definitely bold touches of colors that include a bright yellow cape, a yellow turtleneck sweater, burgundy shoulder bags and black & white/red striped shirts.

Those who enjoy travelling in the cities more and have a keen eye for finding the best museums and monuments, will probably quickly fall in love with RED Valentino’s boho-chic side, discovering the retro patterns and multi-colored staples ranging from maxi dresses to ethnic-inspired oversized sweaters. Fringes, over-the-knee socks and high-waist designs balance and give dynamicity to the silhouettes, embracing some quirky brave looks that alternate rich-in-texture fabrics with see-through lace frocks. As for the prints, Chiuri and Piccioli focused on paisley motifs and floral patterns, the sizes of which vary from minuscule colorful flowers to big, earth-toned ones.

This section also includes an array of elegant evening outfits to use when one needs to go out to fancy restaurants to find something local to eat, after having spent a long day outside wandering in the city. Many navy staples are to be found here too, as both Chiuri and Piccioli appear to have been recently in love with the marine theme.

Other looks include a mixture of military-inspired pieces with more romantic staples, which made it possible for the creative (indeed) directors to combine multicolored cropped jackets with ethereal midi dresses, capes with denim pants and even a roomy leather jacket with a lace long gown. With only a few hours between me and Ben Stiller, the RED Valentino FW 2016-17 collection couldn’t be a better stopgap measure.

Photos courtesy of WWD

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