Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

It seems that lately fashion and women empowerment work very closely together. Many popular designers get inspired by the current situation and the movement for gender equality. Valentino’s creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli is one of those people who supported these actions way before the whole fuss started. His designs lately have been based on making women feel and look strong and empowered.

Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2018 Collection white long shirt sheer black skirt

Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2018 Collection plaid shorts sweater belt bag

Pierpaolo found his inspiration for the Pre-Fall 2018 collection in the suffrage movement. During the presentation, he spoke about suffragettes, a women’s organization that dates from the late 19th and early 20th century. They fought for women’s rights and the power to speak up. Some of the ideas for dresses from the collection were borrowed from that time. The empowerment in fashion means confident cuts and silhouettes. But with Piccioli’s designs that is not the case this time. He transferred that motion through soft, romantic looks with a subtle, edgy vibe. The reference to that time is portrayed with a gorgeous maxi dress and an ivory long coat.

Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2018 Collection white coat white dress

Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2018 Collection camel coat shorts

The three muses that affected his creative process were the British artist and botanist Mary Delany, scientific illustrator Maria Sibylla Merian and Emmeline Pankhurst- a leader of the English suffragette movement. They were all powerful female activists at their time and became a big inspiration for the designer.

Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2018 Collection sheer blue dress

Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2018 Collection long sweater pleated skirt

According to Red Valentino, plaid is once again going to be the trendiest fabric in 2018. This year every single fashion influencer flaunted checked pants, coats,  and skirts. The plaid outwear was in the center of the fashion attention. Piccioli matched the power coats with feminine floral skirts, socks, and pumps to achieve balance. All of his looks involved statement accessories such as bags, belts, and chic shoes.

Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2018 Collection plaid coat floral skirt

Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2018 Collection plaid coat scarf

Red Valentino offered a diverse line of separates for next fall. Starting with chic mini skirts, shorts, statement sweaters, to gorgeous outwear, the brand has it all. The dresses range from long, glamorous, to mini flirty ones. That is the beauty of a powerful woman, her ability for transformation.

Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2018 Collection plaid skirt black leather jacket

Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2018 Collection floral long dress

There is a dose of masculinity in the designs, especially the coats. There is a slight boyish charm paired with romantic accessories. The #MeToo action has made a huge impact on every sphere of our lives including fashion. Pierpaolo and his former creative partner Maria Grazia Chiuri strongly support feminism throughout their work and are among the loudest advocates for equality.

Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2018 Collection floral mini dress

Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2018 Collection floral jacket black skirt

Photo Credit: Red Valentino

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