Riccardo Tisci To Join Burberry as Chief Creative Officer

Ever since late October 2017 when Christopher Bailey announced his departure from Burberry speculations started circulating. Céline’s Phoebe Philo and Louis Vuitton’s menswear designer Kim Jones were the names most talked about that will replace Bailey. Earlier last year Riccardo Tisci stepped down from Givenchy after 12 years at the helm. Anyway, rumors were that he is about to take a top position at Versace. In an unexpected turn of events, the Italian-born designer will be joining Burberry as a chief creative officer.

The British fashion house got a distinctive identity thanks to the star designer Christopher Bailey. From heritage brand mostly known for its trench coats, Bailey transformed Burberry into a leading ready-to-wear brand. In similar situation was Givenchy when Riccardo Tisci, not very known at that time joined the brand. He managed to turn the fashion house into Beyonce’s go-to brand and one of the celebrity favorites. In fact, no one ever expected that Bailey will step down from Burberry after 17 years and Tisci will leave Givenchy after 12 years of highly-successful work.

Riccardo Tisci to Join Burberry as Chief Creative Officer

The news that Tisci will take over Burberry was even more surprising considering the designer’s experience in couture and red carpet dressing. One of the things that connect Riccardo Tisci with Burberry is his ability to superbly mix streetwear with high fashion. With Burberry’s aspirations to belong “firmly in luxury,” Tisci seems like a natural choice. Another thing that made this unexpected partnership happen is Burberry’s chief executive Marco Gobetti who joined the company on July 5, 2017, after Bailey stepped down from that role. Gobetti has previously worked at Givenchy, from 2004 to 2008 and was the one who hired Riccardo Tisci in the first place. Tisci rose the brand to new heights and the same is expected to happen with his arrival at Burberry.

Riccardo Tisci to Join Burberry as Chief Creative Officer

Christopher Bailey is about to leave Burberry on March, 31. Just a few weeks earlier Riccardo Tisci will get started, on March 12. The designer will show his very first collection for the brand in September 2018. Burberry follows the see-now-buy-now concept which means Tisci’s first project will be the brand’s Fall 2018 lineup. Both designers have very different design aesthetic: Bailey has always been a celebrator of Burberry’s heritage, while Tisci has a darker, more seductive and hedonistic approach to design. It’s almost impossible to decode Tisci’s idea for Burberry at this point. All we can do is hang tight until September and see what the Italian designer has up his sleeve.

Riccardo Tisci to Join Burberry as Chief Creative Officer

Photo By: @riccardotisci17/Instagram

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