Rihanna is Reportedly Launching a Lingerie Line

The infamous singer reportedly has another exciting fashion gig up her sleeve. The star turned 30 just recently but has plenty of projects on her resume. First, she conquered the world of fashion with her fierce style. In 2017 she got the title “The most powerful celebrity fashion influencer”, according to Lyst’s 2017 “Year in Fashion” report she has influenced our style more than anyone else. A couple of years back she got in the role of a designer and launched her first design for Puma. Her Fenty x Puma label now is leading the athleisure game. Last year, the singer became the most successful beauty mogul with the launch of her Fenty Beauty that changed the course of the cosmetics industry. Rihanna’s beauty brand is one of the most inclusive brands on the market with universally flattering products and a whopping 40-shade foundation range.

Now, the Bad Gal might be on a mission to change another industry. Speculations are that the singer will be releasing her own lingerie line. TechStyle Fashion Group, the company behind Kate Hudson’s activewear line Fabletics, and the subscription shopping sites JustFab and ShoeDazzle has scored a deal with Rihanna. The retail giant reportedly has tapped the star for an exclusive collection of intimates. Representatives of the singer and TechStyle have yet to confirm the news, but according to WWD, every layer of your clothes will be approved by Rihanna soon. Don’t forget that Rihanna sells socks as well with the sock authority Stance. According to the sources that have reached WWD, Riri and TechStyle have worked together for a year to bring this project to realization. What’s even more exciting is that samples have already been produced. That means that the big reveal must be soon!

Rihanna is Reportedly Launching a Lingerie Line Fentyx Puma campaign

Bad Gal Riri has been in many campaigns for her own and other brands. It would be a true treat for the eyes if she decides to model the intimates. One way or another, Rihanna is set to give us more wild thoughts. She has revolutionized the beauty and fashion industry, so lingerie giants such as Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, and Agent Provocateur might get a bit nervous now that Rihanna is about to enter their territory. The singer is a huge celebrator of diversity, so her designs and the way she markets her products are very appealing to the customers.

Rihanna is Reportedly Launching a Lingerie Line Gucci sweatsuit

We still don’t have any specifics on the lingerie collection by Rihanna. Considering her unique style, these undergarments probably won’t be something ordinary. Hopefully, the singer and TechStyle won’t keep us waiting forever before they give us at least a sneak peek of their first collection.Rihanna is Reportedly Launching a Lingerie Line puffer scarf black pants and oversized jacket

Photo By @badgalriri/Instagram

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