Rihanna Teases Savage x Fenty Lingerie Brand

It seems that queen RiRi is expanding her kingdom. The very talented singer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur is starting a new business. There’s been plenty of rumors that Rihanna already registered a new company as a part of her Fenty brand, that will deliver lingerie. But the singer, as the innovator that she is, won’t simply reveal the news with a regular announcement. Instead, like numerous times before, she’ll keep us all waiting and wondering.

Rihanna Teases Savage x Fenty Lingerie Brand brown boots dress
Photo Credit: @badgalriri/Instagram

After two very cryptic posts on Instagram, everyone is convinced that Savage x Fenty is happening soon. The Bajan beauty first shared a picture three days ago of what appears to be two TV screens stacked on top of one another. On the top screen, there is shot of what seems like a women’s bust or bottom. RiRi titled the post “didn’t they tell u?”, which makes things even more mysterious. Those exact words are a part of the singer’s popular hit from 2016 “Needed Me”. The lyrics say “Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage?” which perfectly match the occasion. Millions of fans are going crazy over the news, and most of them are already convinced that Fenty will expand into underwear and lingerie.

Rihanna Teases Savage x Fenty Lingerie Brand TV screen
Photo Credit: @badgalriri/Instagram

Just yesterday, Bad Gal shared a video, simply titled as X, just as cryptic as the previous picture. It involves sensual images from RiRi, showing her voluptuous attributes in fierce underwear. In the meantime, fans noticed a new Instagram account under the name Savage x Fenty and it’s a certified one. The account features both the video and the picture, plus a story of the queen herself. The Insta story shows Rihanna wearing a chic blush pink bralette. Savage now also has a Twitter profile, so consider it an official thing.


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According to rumors, the Savage label is a partnership between Rihanna and TechStyle Fashion Group. Some fans were instantly excited regarding the posts, thinking that the singer might be releasing a new album. But it turns out that this is the official start of her Savage lingerie company.

Rihanna Teases Savage x Fenty Lingerie Brand pink bralette
Photo Credit: @savagexfenty/Instagram

The singer has yet to confirm the news, but everything so far points out to a Fenty x Savage lingerie collection. Rihanna is currently one of the most powerful celebrities, with her influence being notable in music, beauty, fashion and more. RiRi is the sole reason why the beauty world is becoming much more diverse. With the launch of her Fenty label, the “Wild Thoughts” diva is changing the standards of the fashion and makeup industries.

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