Stay Warm & Stylish with Layered Outfits

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It’s layering season everybody! As the temperatures are getting low you need to get high in style. And there isn’t a better way to keep yourself warm and stylish other than layered outfits. Layering is almost an artistry. There are multiple ways to layer way more adventurous than sweater over a shirt. There is nothing wrong with incorporating a classic way of layering into your everyday style. After all, this type of outfit has a sentimental value for all of us. Ever since a young age, we loved this combo – even some school uniforms consist of it.

Anyway, we are here to offer more innovative ways to layer clothing. Just recently our style expert Holley Wolfe talked about the chicest way to layer no matter the season: dress over jeans. This combo is way easier to recreate and pull off than you probably think. We also have a complete shopping guide for layering with dresses and jeans, so make sure to check it out. Long tops are going to be big even next season. You can also layer with long shirts and tops that will give dimension to your look.

Another cool way to layer is with a denim jacket. This is a street-approved way to stay warm when the weather is crazy cold outside. Wear your denim jacket underneath your coat or puffer jacket. You can wear even more layers underneath the denim jacket.

If you need to look business-ready layer with a blazer. Denim jackets are a street staple, while blazers are perfect for the office. Yes, the weather can get crazy cold, but that doesn’t mean that you should forget about your favorite blazer. Wear it as usual, just underneath your warm coat.

If you want to master layering in winter, don’t forget to get an oversized scarf. Go with a big and bold one if you don’t mind an excessive attention. Anyway, it’s smart to keep plain neutral ones in your collection. These are very versatile and easily blend into any outfit. You can always add this extra piece to upgrade your layering game.

Layering with cardigans is another fun option. For extra warmth and coziness opt for knitted ones. You can wear them underneath a coat or a jacket or show them off over a denim jacket. Get big and chunky one if you want to wear it as an alternative to a jacket.

For more ideas on how to reinvent layering this season take a look at our gallery full of stylish layered outfits.

Stay Warm & Stylish with Layered Outfits red leather jacket and cardigan
Photo Credit: Diego Zuko
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