Street Style Highlights From SS 2018 Tokyo FW

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The Amazon Fashion Week started on Monday, October 16. The week takes place in the Japan’s most fashionable city, Tokyo and it will last until October 22. This season the Tokyo Fashion Week welcomed 55 global brands. Many emerging Asian designers showed their Spring 2018 collections this week. Established domestic designers, as well as global brands, were also part of this event. The Amazon Fashion Week welcomes everyone with a great sense of fashion. From designers to street style icons, Tokyo has one-of-a-kind collections and street style.

Asians have very distinctive style expression compared to the Europeans and Americans. During the fashion weeks in New York, Milan, London, and Paris we had a chance to see many daring looks. Anyway, nobody can beat Asians in their boldness. They take streetwear very personally. No fashion rules are involved in their outfits. You won’t find polished, play-it-save looks on the streets of Tokyo. Asians effortlessly mix and match pieces that you wouldn’t put together in your wildest dreams. Multiple layers of oversized garments and electric colors are just a couple of the elements that describe the style of the fashion-forward Asians.

Balenciaga, Off-White, Gucci, Rick Owens, Comme des Garçons and more luxury brands dominated in the outfits that the fashionistas flaunted on the streets of Tokyo. From sneakers with high platforms, oversized jackets to vintage clothes, the city of Tokyo proved that its crowd has a distinctive sense of fashion. The clothing ensembles were complemented with vibrant hairdos and accessories. Tokyo’s street icons are bold from head to toe. We have to say, Asians are fearless in fashion.

Feast your eyes on the street style from SS 2018 Tokyo Fashion Week. You may never dare to dress in this way, but these outfits will for sure make you say WOW!

Street Style Highlights From Tokyo SS 2018 FW striped suit
Photo Credit: Eva Al Desnudo/Highsnobiety
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