Stylish Plus Size Outfit Ideas for Summer 2014

Some plus size ladies tend to think that the fashion trends are created for the slim and thin beauties only. Still, the ideas about the feminine figure are getting more and more diverse and multi-faceted and first of all those changes refer to the stereotypical concepts about the plus-size cuties. Times change, people change, and fashion also changes and now the plus size fashion is given a considerable attention worldwide. In Australia it has a special fashion week Big and Beautiful, the annual British Plus Size Fashion Weekend is held in London and is thoroughly dedicated to the plus size ladies’ fashion innovations. Whereas the plus size models come up with the pieces of the most famous fashion brands and houses and suggest options with the most suitable and cool combinations ever. Thus here we are introducing some stylish plus size outfit ideas for summer 2014, spotted on the biggest runways!

Stylish Plus Size Outfit Ideas for Summer 2014

Midi Skirts

One of the most suitable and cool pieces that the plus size beauties can try out this summer is the new trend of midi length skirts. The weightless fabrics are also recommended. Such pieces having different color solutions are one of the biggest trends of the season. Opting for such combos including midi skirts will be an ideal solution for walks and hangouts, shopping, and for formal occasions, why not. In addition, when picking a skirt like this, it’s important to take into account the fact that it’s not recommended picking pieces with low-waisted silhouettes and those designed to rest on the hips. The ideal option is the combination of the light and subtle flare skirt with some interesting design details on, or tops either left over the skirt or tucked into it.

Stylish Plus Size Outfit Ideas for Summer 2014: Midi Skirts

Dresses with Drapings

Drapings are one of the most suitable and awesome ways to hide the imperfections of the plus size women and to accentuate their beauty. In addition, they successfully deviate the attention from the problematic areas like hips.
The dresses with V-curves instead of straight designs or rounded necklines are especially recommended. If the dress has been picked for some festive or special occasions going for a décolleté or bold cuts on sides or variants with backless designs will be the way.

Stylish Plus Size Outfit Ideas for Summer 2014: Dresses With Drapings

Floral Prints

Another super awesome trend that the plus size ladies can definitely go for are the floral prints. If you are a curvy beauty and you can’t help enjoying those delicate and sweet design patterns, then you don’t have to stray away from wearing them, either! The only thing that you need to do is pick the corresponding and good options like small prints and patterns, trying to avoid the bigger variants, which will create some unnecessary visual effects.

Stylish Plus Size Outfit Ideas for Summer 2014: Floral Prints

Black and White Combos

This is the following megatrend you can confidently go for if you want to enjoy the benefits of your beauty to the full! This is not about creating the school style combinations of black and white pieces, mainly picking the top to be a white shirt and the bottom with black pants. It’s about creating some unique and stylish duos, which apart from one-piece one-shade principle can also have the biggest diversity of prints and patterns.

Stylish Plus Size Outfit Ideas for Summer 2014: Black and white Combos

Straight Pants

Straight pants will be an ideal piece for plus size ladies both for causal and office looks. It’s especially recommended to pick fabrics with visually smoothing and flattening effect. Such are the denim and cotton pieces designed with the most diverse shades and combos.

Stylish Plus Size Outfit Ideas for Summer 2014: Straight Pants

Bicolor Swimwear

Unlike the dresses, coming to swimwear we need to speak about the fact that whatever the curvy beauties may choose has to hide the imperfections of their body and accentuate the advantages of their figure. Thus, they can pick pieces accentuating the above-waistline part of the body, deviating the attention from the hips. For an ideal solution they can pick options with two colors, taking the lighter tone for the top and the darker one for the bottom. High-waisted hipster type bottoms are one of the most popular options for the season. Especially when coming with darker shades, such bottoms help to shape the waistline and the hips properly and put the accents on the top, for which any of the most diverse shapes and shades can be picked.

Stylish Plus Size Outfit Ideas for Summer 2014: Bicolor Swimwear

Thus, here were the main details and tips that we would like to share with you this time. If you are one of those plus size wonders, then don’t hesitate to enrich your wardrobe with more stylish and cool garments capable of gifting you with the most amazing and chicest looks you could ever think of. The secret is the careful choice and the exact combinations, preserving which you’ll be able to enjoy your beauty properly and thoroughly!

Photos courtesy of Mango, Refinery29 Shop

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