Supermodel and Barbie-Look-Alike Duckie Thot’s 6 Modeling Lessons

Every model has their little secrets and tricks they use every day. They all have a different walk, smile or a seductive look. Those small features are the things that make supermodels special and unique. Beauty Duckie Thot is one of the biggest sensations at the moment. Thot opened up for Allure and shared some of her best modeling tips. Thanks to her we can all have the perfect pout, learn how to do an ideal selfie and walk fiercely like a real supermodel. Press play on the video to find out more about her six best modeling tips.

First of all, Duckie is going to teach you how to get that ideal pout when you are taking a picture. She has a little trick up her sleeve that you will find very useful. When Thot is posing she has her lips touching, but her teeth are just a tiny bit apart. That is when she sucks in the cheeks a little bit and gets a natural contour. It gives a definition and accents the bone structure of your face. Duckie admits that she is not a fan of the duck lip. But she found the perfect solution that you can also try out.

Supermodel and Barbie-Look-Alike Duckie Thot’s 6 Modeling Lessons crop top
Photo Credit: Allure
Supermodel and Barbie-Look-Alike Duckie Thot’s 6 Modeling Lessons (2)
Photo Credit: Allure

Thot has a favorite posture called “The Lean” when it comes to posing. It is an extremely easy pose that will make you feel good in your body.  All you have to do is put all the weight on one leg. Your toes have to be pointed forward, straight. Her advice is to do whatever you want with your arms. You can simply place them on your hips or cross them over.

Supermodel and Barbie-Look-Alike Duckie Thot’s 6 Modeling Lessons burgundy dress
Photo Credit: Allure

She recently appeared in the new Pirelli calendar, portraying Alice in Wonderland. The gorgeous South Sudanese-Australian model also starred in Rihanna’s campaign for Fenty Beauty. Duckie is only 22-years-old and is on the way to build a super-successful career.

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