The Blonde Salad’s Chiara Ferragni Talks About The Tremendous Success of Her 5-Year-Old Blog

When we speak about the world of fashion and the successful people, who are making a career in this world and are enjoying the significant income of money and fame every now and then, of course, apart from fashion designers and models we can also mention the successful fashion bloggers, who are in fact making enough money to compete the annual revenue of the designers. Italian cutie Chiara Ferragni, the super popular blogger from “The Blonde Salad”, is certainly the icon of successful fashion blogging, making about $8 million (which is €6 million) annually! This is indeed impressive and what we should add to this info is that the 30 percent of this money comes from the advertising and the collaboration with different brands, while the remaining 70 percent comes from the revenue of Chiara’s Chiara Ferragni Collection offering some cute and comfy footwear to people of different tastes and preferences. The collaboration with Lorenzo Bardinelli and Paolo Barletta really proves to be enough and important for the further development of the brand. This is a unique example of blinding success of a fashion blogger, who apart from becoming popular also manages to establish a worldwide and global business.

The Blonde Salad's Chiara Ferragni Talks Success of Her Shoe Collection
The Blonde Salad Crew (or TBS Crew) with cofounder and general manager Riccardo Pozzoli (Chiara’s ex-boyfriend); Alessio Sanzogni, who is the communication and editorial manager, and Ferragni herself pursue a very effective and awesome policy of rapidly expanding the circle of the countries and regions, where the exemplars of her shoe designs are distributed. So it was some three seasons ago that the crew decided to turn the local production of shoes into a globally expanded strategy. The fall 2013 collection was the first try, which turned out to be a huge success, further coming to almost 200 stores and 25 countries all over the world.
The numerous collaborations of Chiara with famous design houses is also worth mentioning here especially noting the collab with Steve Madden, after which Ferragni sold almost 16.000 pairs of shoes in just two weeks including only the 10-style capsule collection alternatives. So speaking about her intentions concerning the expansion and the choice of Steve Madden. “We didn’t have our shoes in the U.S. yet. It was great to market myself as creative director for shoes,” Chiara noted.
As for the readymade pieces. Pozzoli, speaking about the work of fashion bloggers noted, “We didn’t have our shoes in the U.S. yet. It was great to market myself as creative director for shoes. For the first five years, we tried to keep the brand The Blonde Salad and Chiara as strict as possible and close to the core mission. Now we want to try to make it really a disruptive business, driven by commerce.”
Speaking about the importance of the accessibility of her updates in social sites, Chiara also noted, “One of the craziest reactions [to date] was the breakup post. When I introduced my new boyfriend [on Instagram], everyone was like ‘What! Whoa!’” Andrew Arthur, an L.A.-based photographer, is Ferragni’s new beau. This, according to Chiara and Pozzoli is one of the most engaging and discussion arousing themes that ever happen to be posted on Chiara’s Instagram and Facebook pages. Her Facebook fan page now has more than 835.000 followers who get every single update from her life. However, speaking about the primary importance of the social sites, Instagram is what Chiara notes as of vital importance. “If you really want to follow me and know what I’m doing, it’s Instagram. You know which city I’m in and what I’m doing. It’s almost in real time,” she said in an interview with WWD.
As for advertising for earning money we should also note that this sphere is not the most profitable aspect of the fashion world. There is of course some 30 percent of revenues earned by Chiara. In addition, what you really need to know if you want to follow her everyday looks, Instagram is what you need for sure. This is because of the simple fact that as Chiara notes herself it’s not all of those everyday looks that she uploads to Facebook or website, it’s just the best ones and if you need to stay updated all the time then Instagram is what you need.

The Blonde Salad's Chiara Ferragni Talks Success of Her Shoe Collection
Content creation is another aspect with the help of which Chiara might increase her annual revenue significantly. Still, after a couple of tries, the crew decided to preserve the independent nature of Chiara thus not posting content for money but going for exchange and partnership, thus becoming a partner with a brand or an ambassador! “We showcase whatever Chiara feels like [wearing] through collaborations with brands,” Sanzogni explained, not forgetting to say that Ferragni has strong relationships with fashion houses like Chanel and Louis Vuitton. “We select what content we want to work on or if she is wearing it. It’s her choice to wear something or [participate] if she likes the project.”
Thus saying the name of Chiara Ferragni, we mean potentially one of the richest and most successful ladies in the fashion world, who is strong and beautiful enough to stand all of those words!

Photos courtesy of The Blonde Salad

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