The Fashion World Mourns The Death Of Azzedine Alaïa

The whole fashion industry mourns the death of one of the greatest couturiers of all times. Azzedine Alaïa passed away at 77 in Paris. The Tunisian-born designer was a real visionary who went against all stereotypes in the fashion world. According to a spokesperson, the designer suffered a heart attack on Saturday. He was one of those people that lived life to the fullest.

The Fashion World Mourns The Death Of Azzedine Alaïa Grace Jones
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Azzedine was born in Tunis in a family of modest farmers. The exact year of his birth is not confirmed yet since he often lied about his age. According to reports, the King of Cling was born in 1940. Even since his early age Alaïa knew what he wanted to be. He had an outstanding craftsmanship talent that decided the course of his career. The designer first started off as a sculptor, but soon realized that his place was in the fashion industry.

The Fashion World Mourns The Death Of Azzedine Alaïa black dress
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After several years of work in his country and after gaining clientele, Alaïa decided to move to Paris. He was so talented that he got a job in Dior but unfortunately had to leave because of his immigration papers. In the following years, he earned short-term jobs at Thierry Mugler and Guy Laroche. He scored big time when he met several rich people who helped Azzedine establish his own studio.

The Fashion World Mourns The Death Of Azzedine Alaïa nude dresses
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The designer launched his first RTW collection in 1980 and it was one of the most revolutionary lines in the world of fashion. His unique approach towards cutting, figures, craftsmanship got him high on the throne of haute couture. He would spend days and nights with no sleep until he finished a dress. Alaïa was very passionate about his work. He celebrated the female body like no one else. All of his designs were created to fit to perfection.

“When the collection is ready, it’s ready. Unless I have a length of fabric in my hand and a girl in front of me, I really can’t come up with a lot of ideas.”- was the designer’s motto.

The Fashion World Mourns The Death Of Azzedine Alaïa leather dress
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This is officially the end of an era. Many people think that the last great craftsman in the world of fashion died with Azzedine.  The Tunisian designer celebrated diversity since the beginning of his career. He always cast unique models and supported their career.

The Fashion World Mourns The Death Of Azzedine Alaïa Victoria Beckham
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The King of Cling retired in 1992 with one last ground-breaking show. He didn’t follow any dates or schedules but presented a line whenever he felt it was ready. In July Azzedine presented an unexpected couture runway show. His greatest muse and best friend Naomi Campbell made a show-stopping appearance on the catwalk.

The Fashion World Mourns The Death Of Azzedine Alaïa Naomi Campbell
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